Max Keller And Why You Must Author A Book To Be The Authority

In this interview, I discuss with Max Keller of Customers Chasing You, how he got into real estate and became one of the most reputable real estate influencers for other real estate investors.

Max talks about curiousity as what drove him into the real estate business. He further talks about having the right education, doing more reading, having a proven mentor and also getting involved in masterminds in his early years of the real estate career. He explains how being the most reputable estate influencer happened which was basically through:

1) – Knowing Something.

2) – Willingness to share it with other people.

3) – It has to be something you’ve have done not something hypothetical.

Max relates life with the real estate business so as to be more successful in it with the following tips.

1) You can start giving if you aren’t a giver.

2) Make your life as a game of basketball in that the best team doesn’t always wins.

There is a lot of strategy, follow the right roadmap and get the right coaches and mentors.

Max gives his 3 pieces of advice to make life more interesting and quicker.

1 – Read

2 – Help others

3 – Learn from a proven mentor or people that are head of you.

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