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Gualter Amarelo

Gualter Amarelo is the best-selling author of the books, “Broke To A Quarter-Million” and “Real Estate Alchemist – GET THE DEAL”. He is the host of the Alchemist Nation Podcast and has surrounded himself with over 100 millionaires. Each of which has committed to building 100 Millionaires. Together they have created a step-by-step, copy and paste system that literally anyone can use to create wealth. These are powerful investing & business strategies that can help any investor, at any level, find ideal people to partner with and draw them to you like magic. He happens to call the network Alchemist Nation!


Author, Tech Entrepreneur & Community Leader

You may know Gualter from his books, numerous life-changing training on wealth or as the founder of Alchemist Nation and the ground breaking software behind Alchemist Connect!

Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Gualter was Financially Free by 30, a Millionaire by 32 and a Multi-Millionaire by 34 with over 100 Rental Units! Now he is focused on paying it forward and building 100 Millionaires!

Speaking Topic

Speaking Topics

Get The Money - Top 7 Ways Passive Investors Get The Money To Invest.

Real Estate Investing is a Money business. The whole point is to earn money passively.The only way to get passive income is to start with having some form of capital, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR MONEY!

Join us to Learn about top 7 ways passive investors, like you, can get the money to invest in multifamily properties and get rich!


Get the Deal: Off Market Multifamily Hacks and Wholesaling Systems

Have you recently thought of HOW to find multifamily deals in today’s market of opportunities, yet afraid to close on a deal yourself? Wholesaling gives you freedom!


Therefore, no matter what your exit strategy is, the key is to keep the funnel and access to deals going.



Gualter Amarelo will share the off-market deals systems that has worked for his businesses and partners for over 7 years.


Your Success is directly tied to how many calls you make and how many people you can contact in general. This group is dedicated to helping you reach your goals and we do it through education, sharing what is working and by holding each-other accountable to your commitments. Are you in?


NAMES ON DEEDS: Finding Off Market Real Estate Deals and Building Wealth

Have you recently thought of HOW to find real estate deals in today’s market of opportunities and close?


The secret to successfully investing in real estate is knowing how to find the opportunity that other investors miss. From networking to online real estate marketplaces, and everything in between, Gualter Amarelo will walk you through the process of getting ahead and unleash the secrets to getting Names on Deeds!


Therefore, no matter what your exit strategy is, the key is to keep the funnel and access to deals going.

Buy Real Estate, Cash Flow and Get Rich

Passive real estate investing is a hands-off strategy in which investors are only responsible for providing capital that other professionals manage on their behalf. How do you get to play the Passive Real Estate investing Game?


First off, you will need to learn the 7 Steps To Buy Real Estate To Cashflow & Get Rich! With Gualter Amarelo you will learn will go over how to:

  1. Choose A Location That Will Fit Your Strategy
  2. Gain Access To A Flood Of Potential Deals
  3. Learn How To Evaluate Properties To See If They Are The Right Deal
  4. Commit To Submitting Enough Offers To Get One Accepted
  5. Get the Funds for the deal. Organize the Capital Stack
  6. Manage The Property By Putting Effective Management In Place


As a passive investor, you choose to put money into a real estate investment—and your involvement generally stops there.
The first conversation you have with Leads and Partners is one of the most important you will have and it will set the context for every interaction going forward.
Take it very seriously, because this is serious business.
Do not confuse Business with Busyness.

As a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR it is your responsibility to invest for CASHFLOW, no less than that!Without the right strategy and action steps there would be a larger risk of getting zero or negative cash flow in the upcoming recession.Thanks to YOUR commitment, diligence, skills and network you will be able to build Your empire.

Be The Bank / How To Make Your Money Work For You

So, the real question is, how can we be more like the bank? Well, we could start by acting like one. Keep your money moving in different investment vehicles (aside from reserves; don’t just let it sit there), use leverage to acquire assets, and charge fees and points when lending. As you’ll learn in this next training series, the ways of being the bank don’t stop there. The possibilities are endless, especially when you start using notes and hard real estate assets symbiotically.


As real estate investors, we shouldn’t try to “beat” the bank. Not only is it futile, but they’re not even the enemy. In fact, many times, it’s the bank that enables us to make money. They give us the capital to acquire our properties, do new construction, and provide the permanent financing to get out of our hard money or private money loans.


Without the banks’ money, it would have been very difficult to grow my portfolio to its current size, enabling me to provide more rentals to the greater public, and eventually own more real estate in the long-term. Like the old saying goes, “when you can’t beat them, join them!”

As educators, we are absolutely obsessed with the growth, development, and achievements of our students.

Gualter Amarelo

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Gualter Amarelo

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Gualter Amarelo

What’s Our Clients Feedback

Mitch Jawarski

Best Selling Author Of The ScaredyCat Guide Series of Books

Gualter is a great speaker and always shows up with the highest energy in the room!

Dug McGuirk

Professional Speaker

I've shared the stage with great speakers like Tony Robbins, and love the way Gualter moves the room.

Christine McGuinely

Business Counsultant

Always Professional and Profound, Gualter Brings his Best to Every Event.,

Frequently Asked Question

What's the annual revenue of your company?

3MM projected this year + rental income (around 600K) – this is gross.

Gualter is on a mission to build 100 Millionaires who are inspired to build 100 Millionaires

What topic can you cover on my show and HOW it can provide value to my audience?

Gualter is best known for his wealth stacking principles that he uses to identify the shortest path for a person to become a millionaire and financially free

What's a typical deal like for you.

Our deals will range from 6-24 unit portfolio purchases. We sell the smaller buildings and keep the cashflowing properties

What are your area of expertise?

Real Estate Investing & Building Millionaires

Is there a funny or unique story you'd like to tell about your journey?

Cutting the grass of my first house and realizing I was a lord of the land! But because I lived in the house, no one was paying me rent! I was the lord of crickets and ants, but I needed to buy a rental property if I was ever going to get paid for cutting my grass.

Any projects you're working on? Publish dates for books or articles coming out?

I just released the “Names On Deeds” workbook, which is the ultimate guide to small multifamily real estate investing for beginners

Niche and Main Offer

Building Millionaires – FREE account on to get access to 100+ FREE courses that have been donated by millionaires

My team will share the episode accross my 15,000+ followers on social media as well as create a featured article on, depending on the lendgth of the podcast we may also use it as a value add email to our 12,000 person email list.

What are some of the results you've helped clients/students get with this method/idea?

We have built nearly 100 Millionaires and helped countless other quick their 9-5’s and become financially free.

Please share 5-6 questions you would like the podcaster host to ask you

What is the biggest challenge people are facing with financial freedom, what is your prediction for the real estate market, Why do you keep writing books and blogs after being financially free, what is the 100 Millionaires Summit, why is it so important for millionaires to teach people how they became wealthy

Do you have a specific product you'd like the host to mention?

I can talk about the 100 Millionaires Summit or

How many rental units do you currently own?

50 Residential + 50 Commercial units Worth $14MM

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