Alchemist Interview with Brian Ortins – Building and Scaling Real Estate Businesses

In this interview with Brian Ortins, we talk about what has changed most in his business the last couple of weeks for him as an investor in the real estate industry and as a realtor at the same time. He says that not that much because he still has some real estate listings coming on, been submitting offers for buyers on the retail side, and also on the investment side, they still have a bunch of deals going out right now, a few offers out and some development deals. For his HVAC company is still operating as an essential company.

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I ask Brian whether real estate agents are doing well or there is room for concern or are we going to shift to the buyers market or where do they hang in the balance because some don’t know how and what to respond to clients. Brian says that its all mindset since there is a supply and demand game where people will still need to buy. He says that he has people waiting to be listed and this goes beyond speaking about agents because he has never looked at himself like anything other than an investor, so he has multiple income buckets. He says he has the agency, private equity which is where he owns the HVAC and construction company and an investment firm which does the development and off-market deals. He says that having multiple income buckets takes the pressure off.

I further ask Brian about the development he’s working on right now and how the projects look like and in what city. He says that in North of Boston where they have a potential deal in Medford. They’re going to purchase and sell where it is a single-family and if they acquire the land behind it, they can do a two-unit by right.

I also ask what Brian is doing on the agency side right now and how did he get it to the level at which it is running right now since he is running a team. He says that he goes back to the term of supply and demand where He creates a lot of supply and demand with a lot of investors and areas then He needs more agents to support me in those areas. He says that He has a few agents that He is training and bringing them to grow the team. When He brings real estate agents, they don’t necessarily do everything themselves but he pulls them in his already built system.

Brian offers 2 pieces of advice to a younger version of himself like 20 years old Brian.
1) – Learn whatever niche it is you’re targeting
2) – Having multiple income buckets and partnering with people that offer something you don’t.

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