Investor Personalities Test

    Know thyself and to thyself be true. Learn what kind of Investor you are and grow your business by focusing on your strengths!

    Do new interactions or interactions with new people
    Are you more
    If you must disappoint someone, are you usually
    Is it easier to influence you with
    Do you prefer to work to
    Do you mostly choose
    At parties, do you generally
    Do you prefer writers who
    Do you tend to be interested in the
    Which way is easier for you to understand people, using
    You often approach or greet people
    Are you regularly
    Which do you enjoy more
    Do you usually
    In doing common things, do you often do it
    Are you more
    Which is of greater value to you
    Would you rather make decisions based on
    Do you like things
    Are you usually
    Do you consider yourself a better
    Which is worse
    Are visionaries and theorists
    Do you tend to be a
    Is it better to be
    Most of the time or on most issues, are you
    Anywhere you have your own space, is it mostly
    When standing in line, do you often
    Common sense is
    Children do not
    In rating things, do you regularly use
    With people, are you usually
    Which is the greater ability
    Do you prefer to
    Are you more of
    Do you mostly live in, or think about, the
    Which describes the way you think
    Would you rather
    Which dominates you, your
    Do you prefer work, or to do work, which is
    Which is worse, being too
    Do you have
    You often speak in
    Would you rather do
    Which is the greater compliment
    Which is stronger in you
    Is clutter something you generally