52 Weeks to Wealth
Gualter Amarelo

Wealth Principle#52 Sharpen The Saw

Stop trying to be smarter than the system, stop trying to think the government is against you, and stop trying to think that all the Rich people don’t want you to succeed. The truth is Rich people are lazy.

The Real Estate Deals That Made Me A Multi-Millionaire!?

I was recently invited to be in the Members Spotlight for the National Real Estate Investors Association! The article hasn’t been released yet, and I just found out. It turns out that the owner of the Boston Real Estate Investors

Gualter Amarelo

Do I Have Another Best Selling Book In Me??

I was dyslexic growing up and had a hard time learning how to read and write, but once I figured it out (much later than most kids) I became an avid reader.