Real Estate Wholesaling Bootcamp

We teach you how to build lists of motivated sellers, find their phone numbers and manage mailing, emailing, texting, cold calling campaigns that will help you find more deals.

52 Weeks To Wealth

You need a solid foundation for your business and investments in order to grow stable and rapidly. The 52 wealth principles include all of the tools you need to become a Millionaire and you are given 1 week at a time to implement.

*NEW*Earn Passive Income and “BE THE BANK”

So, the real question is, how can we be more like the bank? Well, we could start by acting like one. Keep your money moving in different investment vehicles (aside from reserves; don’t just let it sit there), use leverage to acquire assets, and charge fees and points when lending. As you’ll learn in this next training series, the ways of being the bank don’t stop there. 

Working With Real Estate Investors

Without a great agent there would be a large gap to fill in the real estate industry. Investors who require your information, knowledge, skills and network will be able to build their empires, Thanks to YOU!

Buy Real Estate To Cashflow & Get Rich

How to Buy Your First Rental Property To Cash Flow and Become Rich is a Training event for Real Estate Investors, Agents, Wholesalers and Business Owners who seek Financial Freedom.

Build Your Business & Profit

Each week we are diving deep into one TOP SALES STRATEGY to build the ultimate sales training to help sales people and entrepreneurs just like YOU!

Become An Affiliate, Build 100 Millionaires

We build Millionaires and we are dedicated to build 100 Millionaires every year. Become an ambassador of the Alchemist Nation Movement and join Affiliate Program.


You can become one of our 100 millionaires!

The life of your dreams is 100% possible. You just have to want it bad enough. It can happen for you in just a few years. We’ll help you to move into an abundant, wealthy life; get rid of fear, improve your relationships, and so much more.