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Gualter Amarelo

How I Turned $100k Into $600k In A Single Real Estate Deal?

When Ron Boling and I purchased our 10 unit multifamily on East Main Street nobody else wanted the building. It was listed on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for $365k and the total rents were just under $3,500 per month. We

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Alchemist Nation Projects I Have Set For 2022

Finding The Time To Create Assets Over the last decade as an entrepreneur, I have gained so much knowledge from real life experiences including the purchase of 50+ rental units during Covid and the worst refinance of my career. These

Real Estate Market Crash
Gualter Amarelo

2022-2030 Real Estate Prediction

The biggest question I am asked most often is, “where do you see the real estate market going?” This question is coming from real estate investors at every stage of the game including people who how hundreds of units and people who have yet to buy their first house.

Gualter Amarelo

Principle #34 Alchemist Coaches Review

Because when it comes to negotiating, it’s one of those things that you immediately see tangible results with the improvement of your ability. So, you know, focus on tonality and ask for what you want.