Alchemist Nation Projects I Have Set For 2022

Finding The Time To Create Assets

Over the last decade as an entrepreneur, I have gained so much knowledge from real life experiences including the purchase of 50+ rental units during Covid and the worst refinance of my career. These experiences have taught me so much and I regularly share my lessons on the many free talks I do, but there is so much more I can be doing to help real estate investors on their journey to building wealth.

This awareness is what keeps me up at night. It also combines with a burning desire to help others find better ways to build their financial freedom. Ever since the moment of my awakening, I knew that there was a need for not just information, but useful resources and practical steps a person can follow to gain what they desire.

As much as I believe in thoughts becoming reality, it doesn’t change the fact that action is required to gain the things you desire. Those actions usually come in the form of serving someone or letting others know what it is you desire.

My over-arching mission in life is to eliminate poverty in the world, which was what inspired the process for building 100 millionaires. This is not just a personal mission but was designed to become a movement by which others could find greater meaning in life as well as a systematic approach to building wealth in a purposeful way.

As any successful investor will tell you, it’s not about how hard you work, but instead how hard your assets will work for you. Below are some of the assets that I believe are going to help grow Alchemist Nation and ultimately move us forward as we continue to build millionaires that will contribute to the elimination of poverty worldwide.


It is no secret that I am an avid reader and attribute much of my success to the principles I have pulled from the over 350 books that I have read and continue to inspire me. Since books have been such a pivotal part of my wealth development, I see the potential to create some highly leveraged ones.

Not just a book of information, but rather something that will allow the other bits of knowledge available to become more useful. We live in a world of TOO MUCH INFORMATION and require tools to sort through it all for us. Success isn’t about having a ton of knowledge, but instead, being able to sort through that information and decipher the RIGHT things to act upon and what to ignore. Remember, thoughts are only as useful as the ACTION that is put behind them.

Below are some of the books I am currently working on with a brief description of what they will hold:


Real Estate Alchemist GET THE MONEY – “Underground playbook for raising capital, negotiating seller financing, subject to and nearly a dozen other creative financing strategies for Real Estate”


Real Estate Alchemist BE THE BANK – “Underground Playbook for investing in real estate passively through holding notes, lending as a private or hard money lender and partnering on real estate deals”


The 52 Millionaire Wealth Principles – “A comprehensive look at the known and unknown principles that govern business and investing success”


Building Your 100 Millionaires – “How to create the ideal client list that will grow in value with you and your business”

I have the rough drafts written for the first 3 books and am at a point where I recognize I will likely only be able to realistically focus on one of these projects this year to bring it to completion. As such, I will be relying on my community’s feedback on which one would be most impactful for them in their current stages of business and investment.

If books were the only valuable resource, I would lock myself in my house and finish all 4 this year, but unfortunately, they are also the most difficult asset to develop and bring to full maturity. My heart (or maybe it’s my ego) wants desperately to complete the 52 Millionaire Wealth Principles as it’s the project I enjoy the most, but I know that many of my future millionaires are still struggling with the task of finding money for their deals.

So, I will likely continue with the work I have been doing on GET THE MONEY and the community can expect to hear more about this book as we get closer to summer of 2022.

2022 Live Events

Much of my success and personal development has come from learning live and in person at success events. These have also helped me build the powerful network of partners, affiliates and friends who support my mission.

Being on stage and delivering valuable information and experiences is one of the more fun parts of being on this journey to change and improve peoples lives. There is nothing as rewarding as seeing people you know become inspired and making connections with potential partners. These years 100 Millionaires Summit was a perfect example of how powerful live events can be and it is something I intend to make even more effective as our community continues to grow and have larger demands on themselves and their business goals.

So far, we have 4 live events that I am committed to in 2022 which include next years:

100 Millionaires Summit

Master Of Influence – Learn the arts of “Positive Persuasion” and the ability to influence others in person and via social media

Mission To Millions – Discover you Purpose and tie it to your Passion to build your fortune

Generator Business School – Learn the leadership, management and negotiation skills needed to improve and scale your business in today’s changing climate

These are designed to be life changing events and take weeks of preparation prior to each event to coordinate the many aspects that go into any event where complex and personal strategies are implemented. There is a ton of collaboration with the other trainers as well as making sure all attendees are 100% engaged in the activities that will move them forward.

Prior to any event there is preparation, but our events are especially intense as we are putting years’ worth of principles into only 3 days. This means that every minute has to be accounted for and the activities must be extremely intentional and impactful. I love a good challenge and these events are going to help me level up my game and my score of how many millionaires we can account for in the coming years.

Virtual Training Courses

It is no secret that we live in a virtual world more and more everyday people’s schedules are becoming less regular and the amount of time they can dedicate to their business is never the same. For this reason, I will be focusing a much greater deal of my time spent on building effective online trainings that cut out distractions and allow our investors to gain access to the right knowledge on demand, without having to wait for a training that could be months away or one of our weekly calls.

Sometimes you just need to be able to get on-demand knowledge on your own schedule and I understand that. In fact, I am known for doing most of my research and personal development during the hours that most people are sleeping or binging Netflix.

For this reason, you will be seeing more additional courses on Alchemist University along with revamping and making more concise some of the older trainings. Some NEW courses that can be expected to be on Alchemist University are:

Creating Content in a world of TikTok, Reels & Shorts


– D.I.S.C Profiling for Sales People


Wealth Stacking Practical Application


The “YES” Negotiation Strategies

Some of my older courses that are currently being reworked complete with new videos and work sheets are:


GET THE DEAL – how to find off-market properties


GET THE MONEY – How to raise capital for any deal


Alchemist Mindset – How to Think like a millionaire & take action


52 Weeks To Wealth – (the new season of recordings are being uploaded along with action steps)


Names On Deeds – This popular live event was recorded earlier in the year, but will be cleaned up, edited, and now include a full 100-page workbook to help investors put their NAMES ON DEEDS

There is also a chance that I will get the BE THE BANK course created this year from the recordings I created while teaching the live training earlier in the year, but the above projects are going to take precedence before I take on the next phase of Alchemist University.

There is also a chance that later in the year we may bring back Agent Alchemist as a secondary membership site for real estate agents who are looking to learn how to work with real estate investors. This is where we originally started our training company but was put on hold as we discovered it to be unsustainable without a large enough pool of investors to serve.

On our mission to build millionaires it is becoming increasingly important that real estate agents learn how to help investors find off market properties and understand the many strategies for negotiating creative financing terms for investors.

A coach of mine once told me to “teach what you want more of” which means if I want more Investor friendly agents working with our investors it is going to be something important in the future.

Coaching Programs

As many of you know coaching is something I believe in and have spent a small fortune on as my businesses continue to grow and I’ve identified new skills I would like to acquire to grow our community of millionaires.

Believing in coaching and being willing to coach are 2 very different things. Coaching requires a willing student and a capable and willing coach. I am asked to take on new clients every day but must stick to my existing schedule if I am going to build the assets mentioned above.

I have priced my coaching program out of the reach of people who aren’t able to build a million-dollar business in a single year and am only taking on 3 students this year. There are numerous reasons for this and perhaps one of the least important is that I only want to work with people who will make a very good story at the upcoming 100 Millionaires Summit. While the most important is understanding how much time it takes on my part to ensure a 10x return on their investment.

Because of these personal limitations I have put on myself I will be continuing my partnerships with the Alchemist Nation coaches and expanding to include 1 or 2 additional coaches who specialize in areas we previously didn’t cover and have identified as key to moving our community forward.

Mentorship & Masterminds

It is no secret that my success has been greatly attributed to the time spent with amazing mentors and the relationships and knowledge I have pulled from being a member of high-level masterminds. For this reason, we will be continuing to expand and improve the Alchemist Mentorship program and the Alchemist Mastermind.

To keep the integrity and quality of members in both programs there will be a price increase in 2022. This is something we have done each year because we identified early on that the more a person paid for a program the more, they pay attention and take action. On our mission to build millionaires we have found that it doesn’t serve the community to bring in people who aren’t willing to invest in themselves.

Increasing price is something I only like to do if I can create an additional automated program at a more affordable price for the people who aren’t ready for something as fully immersive as the group programs. This is one of the reasons for the renovation we are making to Alchemist University, which will also include an automated version of the Mentorship program at a very affordable price of $497.

This on-demand version will include 8 weeks of intensive modules designed to be interactive and provide the skills and tools a person needs to be able to increase their income before moving into one of our group programs.

Podcasts, Lessons & Interviews

A large part of my time is now spent interviewing amazing and inspirational guests on the Alchemist Nation Podcast and the 100 Millionaires Podcast. Each week I dedicate a significant amount of time to preparing, editing and posting these podcasts across nearly 2 dozen different channels.

The 52 Weeks To Wealth will also continue to be a major part of the great work we are doing towards doubling our communities income this year. These lessons will continue to be the main source of content used on social media to attract new members to our community as well.

Social Media Marketing and Promotional Ads

The numbers are revealing themselves and it looks like out of 100 people 10 are likely to become a millionaire within 1-2 years. This means creating a larger marketing funnel is necessary to reach my goal of building 100 millionaires in one year. Once I reach this goal, I will increase it to 1,000 Millionaires in 1 year and continue to see what is possible.

Marketing and social influence are how we continue to find our future millionaires. As tempting as it is to take a break from going live or creating the next piece of content for tiktok or reels, it is now more important than ever for us to dig deep and find the energy to continue pushing our presence on these platforms.

You have no idea who you are going to inspire with your story, videos, and knowledge. I am sent messages everyday with the stories of people who’s lives I have impacted, and I believe that this is just beginning as we continue to build 100 Millionaires who are inspired to build their own 100 Millionaires.

In Conclusion

The above is basically a list of projects I intend to work on over the next few months. It was important for me to put this out into the vortex so my community will hold me accountable. Let me also add that I will be recording the audio version of GET THE DEAL while Darina is away on her Russia trip in January.

Recording an audio book is a pain in the butt and requires hours of absolute silence and for me to be in the right state of mind. It turns out that having the house to myself for 2 weeks in the middle of winter when there are no other projects running should allow me the time to tackle this LONG over-due project.

I want to thank everyone for their patience as I continue to work towards completing these projects and moving our community forward.

Your success is very important to me. If there are assets or projects that you didn’t see mentioned in this post, but you believe would be valuable for our communities growing needs, please send me a message or drop it in the comments.

Cheers to OUR SUCCESS together!

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