Coming Real Estate Crash & Holding Crypto For An 8X Return?

The Future Of The Dollar


If the dollar continues to decline all assets will continue to rise with the rate of inflation (currently analysts are predicting 5%-7.5% annual inflation).


Some Assumptions


Let’s assume 40% inflation on assets like real estate over the next 5 years.

Let’s also assume that cryptocurrency evolves to the point that real estate is now able to be purchased with crypto.


One more assumption is that the top 3 cryptocurrencies will continue to double each year for the next 5 years due to continued adoption by financial institutions.

Since we are in a theoretical conversation why not say the real estate market is likely to have a major correction in 4-5 years and prices have dropped 20%-40% (which is in line with previous corrections)


This would mean that the people who are storing up the right cryptocurrency would in theory be able to purchase 8X more real estate than the people who were saving dollars.


How Does Real Estate Fit Into This Future?


This theoretical future would make crypto a better investment than simply saving cash.

That being said, there will be many people over the next 5 years who still want to invest their cash into real estate that cashflows.


You can still buy real estate and it may make more sense to partner with those people. Use their dollars to invest in real estate and use your dollars to invest in crypto.


The Highest Return On Investment Strategy


✅ Buy Real estate with money partners (instead of using your own money)


✅ Build your business to generate massive cashflow


✅ Convert that cashflow into cryptocurrency


✅ Rinse and Repeat until you’ve reached your financial goals or Robots and AI eliminate the need for currency in any form




The future is going to unfold regardless of whether you are prepared for it or not.

⚠️ Yes, I believe in a future where we no longer use currency to transact, but that future could be 20-40 years away and will take time for the technology to be put in place.


⚠️ During these next decades massive changes will occur that will put a heavy burden on the working class.


⚠️ Real Estate will be one of the last sectors to be automated as we move to a renter nation.


🔥 With a few key skills in communication and a solid understand of Real Estate, Business & Crypto Currency you could be the person who creates a financial legacy for yourself and the people you love. 🙏


What will you do with this information…


Cheers to Your Success!


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