Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Drew Martin Who’s Crushing the Wholesale/Flip Game!

In this interview with Drew Martin, we discuss how he has been crushing the wholesale game. I ask Martin what he has been up to. He tells me that he hasn’t done wholesale like in almost a year and what they’re doing right now is they’re taking down and buying directly then if possible they’re flipping then over to ibuyers but that all market disappeared since Covid-19. And if they can’t flip it to an ibuyer, they just do the rehab themselves.

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I further ask him what marketing campaigns is he putting out and has seen bring best returns. Is it different from six months ago or still the same? He says that they have completely flipped the script in the last 6 months where they had a team of cold callers, they were doing direct mail, voice mail drops, text blasting from which they got some deals but they finally went into the online market space. From the online market space, they already have deals in the pipeline and with projected revenue.

I also ask him if he isn’t afraid to move where the money is. He tells me that his partner and himself moved out of Colorado and he was the first to pull the trigger which is very good for them because they now have boots on the ground.

Drew talks about their partnership in the real estate business where every partner brings something on the table. He says that they’re holding onto the bargain and they’re all involved in this. For example, their marketing guy hasn’t invested capital but has invested time and knows what he’s really doing and they’re willing to give him a nice chunk of the pie. This is because he can provide a service that the can’t get anywhere else and why can’t someone give up some equity for a bigger picture.

Drew offers 3 pieces of advice to young flippers who want to be successful and also to younger Drew of 20 years.
1) – Never Give Up.
2) – Look at things from a different angle.
3) – Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism and don’t be afraid to fail.

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