Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Andrew Liss on What is the Market Doing!

In this interview with Andrew Liss, we talk about the market during the pandemic. I ask Andrew what he thinks of the market right now and what he makes sense of it right now. He says that it is going to be a bumpy ride. He says that if you have hook spa and inclination, put some money in the market but don’t it at once, do it at dollar-cost averaging.

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I further ask Andrew what dollar cost averaging is. He says that it is a simple concept of putting money in your 401k, it is usually the same percentage.

Andrew says that no one is losing money in the real estate industry during the pandemic. I ask Andrew what advice does he have for people during the pandemic. He says that don’t look at CNBC, don’t open statements and realistically if you’re his client, call him and let see whats going on. He further says that talk to a person with knowledge on the subject who also cares about you.

I also ask Andrew what sectors does he see growing in the next couple of months because of the pandemic. He says that what’s growing right now is what will be growing in the next couple of months. He further states that if you’re to go with large cap methods, stay domestic, stay with what policies are put in the place right now.

Andrews offers 3 pieces of advice to younger Andy of like 20 years old on how to be successful.
1) – Concentrate on your expenses, reduce your expenses.
2) – Find someone to help you, teach you, learn, and absorb.
3) – Read, Read, Read.

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