Alchemist Influencer MasterMind – How Do We Build 100 Millionaires

This is the Power of an Influencer MasterMind! Last night’s call I had some heavy hitters on, including Mitchel Durfee, Mitchell Jason, Frank Patalano, Darina Pogodina, Ron Boling, Carlos A Baez, Tony Ngo, Mitch Jaworski who are all focused on helping more investors build their net worth. The conversation was focused around what we can do right now as coaches, mentors, influencers and successful real estate investors to help move our students and the Real Estate Investment Community forward during this MAJOR OPPORTUNITY that we are heading into in the market!

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Gualter: I ask the heavy hitters on the call if they have a coaching program built for the specialty they possess.

Mitch Jaworski: He says that he is working on a book either titled “How to win back a 401k” or “How to steal back a 401k.” He says he trying to figure out the best title for the book. It is all about teaching people to empower themselves for their 401k and work towards their retirement as opposed to assuming things on autopilot and letting you know the powers that be do their thing. With that aside, he says that he has a bitcoin book, a real estate investing book, and also real estate investing video course.

Gualter: I ask Darina why is doing a free wholesale training to people, what are her plans with this, why it works for her and is it available to everybody.

Darina: She says that they’re building a wholesaler team since most people are out of jobs especially younger crowds, or those who were in entry-level or in the hospitality industry are willing to join because they’re used to talking to people. She says that most homeowners and landlords are home right now and it is the perfect time to give them a call using a Mojo Dialer. She narrates to us her plan is to get people twice a week on zoom calls and for the first 30 – 40 minutes, they will talk about the goals, guidance on how to do it, and contribution.

Gualter: I ask Frank Catalano what he has done with drawing attention and being influencers, whether they have come up with a training course, a coaching course, or coming up with an event. Basically, what is the lead to all this attention?

Frank: He says some of the events had been put out though they had to cancel because of the pandemic. They haven’t done online events yet though they do one on one coaching with weekly accountability calls and also do podcasts. He says that their audience is house hackers and first home buyers.

Gualter: I ask Mitch Durfee what is going on.

Mitch: He first commends people on the call. He says that he has been working on a few things like helping authors to become best selling authors. In the last 8 weeks, they had to do a wholesale program, teaching a lot of people how to get started.

Gualter: I ask Tony Ngo what’s good and what’s happening.

Tony: Tony says he’s coming into the party and seeing what we’re doing, see how he can help and it seems like we have a ton of experience or even light-years beyond what they’re doing. Tony and his cousin [Partner] have a four phase plan. Phase 1 and 2 are already in play and Phase 3 and 4 are in the near future. Phase 1 is the building materials company, Phase 2 is the construction company, Phase 3 is owning real estate properties and real estate investing, and Phase 4 property management.

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