Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast Interview with Business Coach Suzanne Dwyer

In this interview with business coach Suzzane Dwyer, we discuss what has is keeping her entertained and staying business during the Covid19. She says that she has four kids and is testing her capacity to deliver. She says that she hired all her four kids and has enrolled them in the Khan Academy where they’re getting extra 2 hours every day of class plus doing technical stuff. With all her kids doing this, it is helping her to write her 79 page success journal.

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I ask Suzzane what is a success journal and what is she going to build from a success journal. She says that a success journal is something you can utilize as a business owner. She further explains that they’re success journals for mindsets, for achievement like planners. She says she wants to incorporate something that was built specifically for business owners. Success journal will hold you accountable throughout the process while keeping really clear on your goal, mindset, vision, and your WHY.

She says that during the pandemic is when you should be productive focusing on your system, your structure, and your strategy. You need to backtrack and fix all the stuff you never had time for. She further states that you should take an abundance of everything or anything and put it into good use like if you have an abundance of time, use it productively.

I further ask Suzzane what she is telling her clients i.e real estate agents and real estate investors during the pandemic. She says the first thing is telling them is the importance of listening. She says you need to listen to your clients and customers right now because they have real issues, concerns, and problems. She notes that you need to listen to learn not to listen to respond. If you listen to learn, you listen in-depth and you address their concerns hence they will remain your clients. If you listen to respond, you literally hear them and you will come up with a response in 3 -7 seconds which won’t reassure them during these times of the pandemic.

Suzzane offers her three tips for entrepreneurs looking to improve themselves during the pandemic.

1) – Focus on your system, your structure, and your strategy.
2) – Make sure your message comes from the area of concern, make sure you’re coming to a place of being genuine with people and make that authentic connection.
3) – Take a walk, a break, and breathe.

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