Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with A Successful Real Estate Agent, Anthony Chabot

In this interview with Anthony Chabot, we discuss how Anthony got into real estate, his experience as a real estate agent, and what keeps him in real estate. He says that’s initially he was a web designer and an IT consultant but he was constantly getting laid off because he was on the contract all the time he worked as an IT consultant. He says that he has always been a computer and technology guy and even considers himself a technology guy more than anything else. He says the reason why he loves real estate because technology and marketing took him to real estate. When he got laid off he started a web design company that he would go and sell it to real estate agencies and car dealerships. He ended up having his real estate and car dealership TV shows.

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He says that when he sees my Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast videos while working, he will focus on the video for like the rest of 30 or 45 minutes while editing some content. He says while driving, he listens to either an audiobook or podcast playing in the background. He says that my book: Broke to a Quarter Million is really nice and always listens to it when doing real estate photography because he says it is very authentic.

Anthony says he’s into property management though reminds me of how I recommended Buildium as one of the property management software he should be using. I tell him that Buildium is one of the easiest property management software I have used that integrates with the phone easily. I tell him that with the software, you can upload pictures of real estate properties, agents booking appointments, and schedule real estate property showcasing.

Tony continues to appreciate my Buildium recommendation saying that without people like me, he would be fumbling around with the right software to use which he even had to post as a property management software recommendation on various Facebook groups.

Anthony offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old younger Tony on how to be successful.
1) – Do what he is doing right now though doing it 25 years ago.
2) – Find something that has large income potential.
3) – Be at the center of the income stream.

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