Alchemist Insights with Daniel Bolin – The Universe is all connected

In this interview with Daniel Bolin, we talk about how Daniel ended up at a money-making event called Maverick Millionaire and what was his effect there. He says that He is always diving deeper and there are all sides of life. He continues to state that He was amazed that at my event is where He found like-minded people, light workers, very spiritual people. He says that when you’re developing your mind, it doesn’t matter at what level you’re attracting life. You may say it was a money event but to him, it was a mindset oriented and deep manifest event which is where He is. He says that money is just one side of it and to him, it is all energy, its all connection and a life worth living.

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He says that keep connecting with like-minded people, grow your tribe, and when two or more people get together their power is multiplied that is our heart and brain energy. If people come together, that negative power will become stronger too, so we must be mindful of the people we surround ourselves with. He says that in his old times He was cold and lonely, and He found no one He could associate himself with then He opted to surround himself with the books.

He says that He bought his 3 family house at 23 after having done side hustles with tenants to that very house. At 23 all his friends were going paycheck to paycheck where they would spend all their money in the bars but for him, he would pregame his money.

He says that when He does different breathing exercises, He could get his cardiovascular system stronger from holding his breath and doing breathing exercises than any workout. If He’s to run for 45 minutes, He going to work his lungs super hard. The problem is that recuperation and energy aren’t going towards his cells because He has to divert a lot of energy to handle the inflammation and rebuilding the muscles He is breaking down.

Daniel offers 3 pieces of advice to younger Daniel of 20 years on how to be successful.
1) – Dive deeper into your curiosity.
2) – Don’t listen to the masses.
3) – Grow your beliefs, stay forever curious because you got to keep it balanced.

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