Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Paul Finck – The Maverick Millionaire

In this interview with Paul alias The Maverick Millionaire, we discuss how to double someone’s income since for the last two years he has helped me do the same. Gualter asks Paul what drove him to double his income.

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After having 6 children i.e 3 sets of twins all below the age of 6 years, Paul had to get real with himself internally and get real too in the vehicle he was moving in. He started to focus on how people built their wealth and also structuring their wealth that creates abundance in their life which was mainly real estate.

He further asks Paul how he got into real estate and how did the first deal look like. He started by research and in doing so opening ears to the possibility. People should start to open up to the possibility of new stuff in their world, says Paul. He started investing in himself with his wife in an $800 training program and also used a significant amount of money in investing in his growth to become the person He is today.

Paul explains how he got into personal development to become the Maverick Millionaire who does things differently. He started off as a real estate investment coach, a job title that wasn’t there at the moment during the BNI conference. His job description/role at the time was to help people with the first deals and also help them in building their portfolios. It is from there that he got his first coaching client.

Paul gives his 3 pieces of advice to someone starting real estate investing or a novice real estate agent.
1 – Believe that it is possible.
2 – Dare take the risks [Take that leap of faith]
3 – You have to ask for help.

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