#75 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with a Former I.T Manager Kyle Cabral Turned Investor.

Kylie Cabral - Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast

In this interview with Kyle Cabral of C2S Energy where we talk about their growth and how they are doing because I see their signs everywhere and they’re expanding and they’re using the same property manager as ours and she [Becky] says that they are doing awesome. I wanted to know what made Kyle start investing in real estate, where is he now and where is he going. He says that in 2015, he worked at a Meditech in Fall River where he did the I.T thing for a while, and his partner Tony who was an inspector for installation services. Tony would always drive to properties but he was always on the computer all day getting obsessed with MLS sales by owners and so they would drive to the properties and later started getting little traction where he was like he hates his job, and he wanted to do real estate all the time and thankfully his partner was on the same boat too. They got obsessive and started doing flips here and there, did the work by themselves, started getting rentals, and then soon as they had enough passive cash flow where they could survive that’s when both of them quit their jobs which were 3 years ago.

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I ask Kyle how many units are they having right now and how many units are they looking to acquire. He says that they’re at around 75 units and they like 5 units, 6 units even though they’re now looking into larger spaces. They don’t like fives and sixes anymore that’s why they brought in another partner for his financial expertise and they talk about it all the time because the bigger you get, the easier it becomes. Looking at these properties to stabilize in six-seven months and he is making a few grand on them and it takes a year to stabilize and then he can reap the benefits of the cash flow and depreciation which is all crazy. They decided to buy a bigger building and raise money which is the thing they’re looking into at the moment.

I further ask Kyle what success does he have doing bigger deals and how quickly do you think it is really possible and could do it faster. He says that he is a big believer especially when you’re obsessed over things and it is a healthy obsession when you do it every single day which means that you move forward pretty much faster. Things start to culminate and things start working out. If he says at the end of this year, it has to be at the end of this year and the only person that gets into his way is himself.

Kylie offers 3 pieces of advice to young 20-year-old Kylie on how to get where he is faster, happier, and stress-free.
1) – Stop overthinking like don’t get lost in analysis paralysis
2) – Don’t overestimate what you can do in one year and underestimate what you can do in ten years.
3) – Do what makes you happy more than anything and the money will come.

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