Millionaire Wealth Principle #37 – Depth Of Your Gratitude

In this wealth principle #37, I talk about the Depth of Your Gratitude where many people who get in real estate investing believe that if they just work hard enough, if they learn, go do enough courses, they spend enough money with coaches and they buy enough property that they will get rich.

Unfortunately, what many people find out if they don’t appreciate what they have, they never get started, if they don’t appreciate what they have, what their experience is, already is, and if they are not living in a deep state of gratitude, it is very hard for them to move forward and get wealthy. Gratitude is the most powerful element when it comes to getting what you want. It is not a clear path, it isn’t obvious and so many people miss out on it.

It Starts With Getting Excited About Your Life

You must have an element of excitement every single day in order to keep going, in order to learn how to grow and to learn how to live a better life. There has to be a level of excitement in every decision, in every movement, in every part of the day so that when it comes to investments, it is commonplace and much easier. Save The 52 Weeks to Wealth Playlist:… You can change by being grateful, by being thankful for the things you have and sometimes you teach other people to be thankful, and by teaching other people to be grateful for what they have, you become more grateful.

It creates something inside of you, this feeling of “wow” I’m important, I exist for a reason because I’m here helping other people. Gratitude comes from understanding how bad things can be and then looking at how great they really are. I’m not saying that you should go back and look at the past because it is not beneficial. If I look at the past, look at it under the light of Oh My God I survived, I’m still here, thankfully I’m still here and the energy and power you receive from it charges you to move forward in your life.

The Simple Steps To Gratitude

There are two steps to gratitude one is the gratitude of the past which I have just discussed, gratitude for the past, gratitude for the things you have already accomplished, gratitude for the things you have survived, the things you’ve gotten through, or experience. There is another piece of gratitude and this is where manifestation really talks about gratitude if at all you’ve read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles and this is where it really comes in.

Being able to look forward to the things that you’re manifesting with faith and saying that I’m so thankful that is coming to me. At first, that can be difficult if it isn’t most of your experience or isn’t something you have done before but you can start small. The gratefulness that one day this community would exist because one day Ron and I sat in his office and every Monday we sit down and have a visionary integrator meeting and visualized this group before it existed.

And how amazing would it be to have people who were learning and growing in the abundance of mindset, no competition, just creation, looking to grow and move to the next level? Not people who just to be happy and comfortable but people who want more, who want to be more, who want to give more and go back and change the world after they have changed themselves. We talked about it and said how do we build something like this and after a couple of weeks we had a solid plan and we just said that we shall go out and teach for free.

Teaching For FREE Is Easier Knowing There Are”Greats” Doing It

That’s was the gratitude of knowing it was possible and the thankfulness of seeing others doing it like Grant Cardone, Tom Ferry, Elon Musk, Gary Vee. We’re grateful and thankful for the guided path they created for us. Pull out a pen and paper and I want you to write down one time that you felt such an overwhelming element of gratitude, just the most powerful time in your life which was an experience that absolutely transformed you as a human being and was a moment of such deep gratitude which was nothing before like that.

An Exercise You Can Use Right Now

Close your eyes if you’re not driving and focus on that moment, the clarity of that moment, the sound that was around you, the people that were around you, or the moment of silence.

Then I want you to double the intensity of that gratitude, raising that energy level higher and higher, and now double it again with a smile on your face, increase the amount of gratitude you’re experiencing to a high level, feeling it more intensely and around that point I want you to open your eyes and say Yes I Stay Here.

Feel that vibration and energy that is completely different from where you were two minutes ago. For the future, I want you to think about something big, feel for the moment you have, feel the gratitude of how it would look and feel like, how would you put it into play, and focus on that for a moment.

Let me know something you are grateful for and what your biggest take away is from this wealth principle in the comments below! Share this article with someone you care about to let them know you are grateful for them!

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