#76 Alchemist Nation Podcast – Melissa Darling Is 26 Years Old Buying A 22 Unit Building!

Melissa Darling - Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast

In this Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Melissa Darling who has been a student of my own mentorship and aspiring future millionaire. I wanted to know what brought Melissa into Real Estate in the first place. She says that it was because of a quarter-life crisis where she was young, just finished college, didn’t know what she was wanted to do and so she wanted to know how to create wealth which she hardly knew at the time. She thought that it was in mutual funds, then she was like, she will go and work in the bank. So she worked in the bank for a couple of years, switched jobs then realized that corporate life wasn’t for her then she went into real estate.

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I ask Melissa how she came into our mentorship program and what has the mentorship given her so far. She says how she entered into Tony Robbin’s unleash the Power event, a super mind-changing life event and she highly promotes it to everyone in an entrepreneurial role, so that got her into the program, kind of got her to pull the trigger and she had already known about me and the mentorship. She wanted to do it but she was scared to sign up because she knew that I was going to push her hard, so she was held off for a little bit but she commends the program for its support and accountability. The biggest takeaway from the program was the mindset shift and the confidence boost. Everyone in the group is super supportive, especially with her 22 unit building deal and this deal wouldn’t exist if she wasn’t in the mentorship program.

I further ask Melissa how she found the deal. She says that she found the deal by just networking where she was networking with a realtor for a couple of months now, he’s seasoned, he’s been in a business for a while, they just have really great conversations where it kind of facilitated the relationship over the course of like 6 months. Her realtor knows that she’s investing and he knew that she had a network of investors, so he sent the deal to her when he saw it. He got the deal because he knew the seller from business in the past and that’s how he came across it. He sent it to her thinking Melissa would pass it to her investors and Melissa was like she could get it for herself.

I also ask Melissa if someone was looking to get into this deal with her, what would that look like and what partner is she looking up to. She says that in terms of what it would be structured like which she has been thinking about a lot this past week. She has talked to us and Terry Wager and she is pretty much open in terms of who are you as a person, what are your goals, and what are her goals which are dependant on those factors, and what they can end up working on upon in a given scenario.

I wanted to know what excites Melissa in building wealth, what got her in real estate investing, and what drives her passion. She says that it was basically her WHY, so her WHY started by her seated in a corporate office where she thought of her trajectory not being where she wanted. Another WHY for this was, she asked people who had been in corporate America for 10 years plus if they were happy and the answer she got was no. They were like they weren’t happy with their jobs, their salaries, and they were complacent yet one of her biggest things is she doesn’t want to be complacent because she sees what happens when you get complacent.

Melissa offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Melissa on how to be there faster, happier with so much abundance in life.
1) – Start listening to real estate podcasts and reading books
2) – Start networking with real estate investors, go to meetups.
3) – Find a mentor.

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