#48 – Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Alex Camelio of Agent Inner Circle

Alex has a pretty amazing story from being a tech-obsessed who started coding at 10 years, just loves building and writing code from where he built a really cool tech company in the Real Estate world, eventually selling that company to Lone Wolf and is now an owner in Agent Inner Circle which is a blog site 100% focused on improving Real Estate Agent’s careers and helping them become the best agent in their market! As a real estate agent and investor, I enjoyed hearing about Alex’s innovative touches he made on many of the United States and Canadian MLS systems! He also talks about he got into the real estate industry when he started a tech company almost 11 years ago when it was just on the cusp of mobile marketing when everything mobile and mobile technology was just coming out and apps were still fresh and no realtors’ websites were fully optimized for mobile. He further narrates that it is a period where nobody’s website was on a smartphone, everyone that the time wanted apps and this is where they came as a company that can supplement an app company or tech company because they did apps and other mobile marketing components where other tech companies hadn’t really adopted yet. So they were appreciated for the various works they did where they got contracts of management and maintaining websites, CRM tools, and other related web items which they did over a couple of years.

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They serviced like 29 states, were in over 100 MLS throughout the USA and Canada where they also helped Canada build their other tech-related stuff like building their DDF and ended up selling the business to Lone Wolf four years ago. While he was doing this sort of tech company component, he fell backward into speaking at events. Since he was in the industry, he wanted to network and from doing so he ended up going to Barcamp conferences.

The former owner of Lone Wolf approached him since Lone Wolf was more brokerage focused, he wanted to start a real estate agent focused community with a set of products, course material basically focused on the individual agent as opposed to the brokerage. He approached him and asked if I wanted to be a partner and CEO which he accepted. They acquired Agent’s Inner Cycle from a guy named Craig Fort. He further narrates how he studied with him a good bit on his practices, did some mentoring with him, then learned a ton about the direct response, the concept of building a community, how to provide value, so this where Agent Inner Cycle comes in. Agent inner cycle is a blog with weekly real estate content running for the last 20 years with a huge amount of content to help realtors run their business and secondly, it is 100 % free.

I further ask Alex if it was the intention of the business to be sold off since he mentioned about selling off his business to Lone Wolf. How did he negotiate that, did he end up keeping a large part of it or some part of it. He says that it was never the plan and it was not never the plan. He says that having learned some wisdom from Lawrence Wallace who sold most of Lone Wolf who said that you can’t love your company but you can love your family, your friend, your pets but a company is there to provide a good life for you and you family. For negotiations, he says that they picked up a pretty sizable client right in Lone Wolf’s backyard and they also had a few pieces of technology that were truly cutting edge, for example, they were the first company to have a real estate search voice worldwide by building a true natural language processor. He says that they sold it because Lone Wolf wasn’t interested in part ownership deals though they included two years for cause only contracts for their entire staff at Lone Wolf and it worked out pretty well for everyone on salaries and even got raises from what they were earning.

I also ask Alex if he is interested in investing in real estate right now or he is more focused on building the next company. He says that he has done some small pieces of investing with friends who do that as their main area of interest and focus. He says that there are a number of businesses, courses, licensing deals that he’s involved in. He uses his time and skills with technology and operations, for example, he wrote a full data security course for RCC’s CRS and there’s always licensing money that comes in every time that is taught and does some real estate investing.

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