#47 – Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with 21 Year Old Alex Burton – An Investor of College Rentals

Alex Burton is a 21-year old Real Estate Investor Taking His Own Approach To College Rentals & House Hacking In Boston. A North Eastern student who has gotten the taste for real estate and is looking to build up a model for institutional investors to take part in the student housing niche. He talks about how he has taken his real estate into two different directions which are kind of funny to him. He says that he works off college students that are heavily male-dominated that is if they want a party house when they can’t allow an X number of undergraduates in. So what he does is that he goes out with these groups or student organizations and finds how many students want multi-family houses. He further states that you have four apartments yet they all share the same basement and the same door. Instead of having the four or five undergrad walls, you have four different apartments all in one house, and in doing that he has created a really interesting business for himself when it comes to rentals. He says that big students groups come to him asking for rentals which have allowed him to have this time where students want to rent a whole house out in Boston on Mission hill which goes for at least $1000 per head which may have 10 – 11 beds and this has made him leverage his personal experience of where he’s at in college to his job at Round Room.

To listen to Alex Burton’s Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast: #47 Alex Burton is a 21-year Real Estate Investor Taking His Own Approach To College Rentals.

Alex says that when he introduces himself to a class, he also states his personal niche clientele within the student housing niche especially for the heavily male-dominated guys looking for a good place to have college time. He says that he has an Instagram account which he isn’t good at even if you get 5 likes, all that matters is that one person who saw it and is willing to rent it. He continues to emphasize that the real estate game is about pushing it as much as possible forward and also not stopping like during COVID19, he started doing zoom show showings with people, go through those properties pictures by trying to innovate in that way. He says that it is much easier to pitch to a college kid on a rental that they’ll have for a year than the mobility of other people.

He says for Boston, it has really attracted him from there because he knows his clientele that he can go to and eventually if stays in real estate in this way of being as an agent which he plans to do for a while because if you’re making 1 – 2K when doing rentals while working at a full-time job, that would be an extra 24k a year which is a significant amount of money. He says that he might pivot from students to doctors though he doesn’t see it right now because it is easier for him to rent a 5 bedroom to a couple of students than to deal with a guy who has a family that is particular about school zoning.

Alex says one of the reasons he loves Fenway is that he had that experience of his Mum closing more deals than most real estate agents and being able to go there, getting to do it with himself hands-on, and finding that property that you know that will appreciate adding value to itself in the Boston Market. He says that the experience he had was amazing and intoxicating in that he wants to do it again and again minus stopping.

Alex offers pieces of advice to his age mates on how to start out in real estate and become successful.
1) – Figure out future money equations and present money equations and look at that and always remember that interest is the thing.

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To listen to Alex Burton’s Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast on Anchor: #47 Alex Burton is a 21-year Real Estate Investor Taking His Own Approach To College Rentals.

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