#43 – Alchemist Insights Podcast With Estephanie Zarate on Building A Beauty Salon Empire

In this interview with Estephanie Zarate on building a beauty Salon Empire. She talks about what has been up to where she is doing a lot of marketing, making videos, helping friends that need practice on hair, and also making videos about hairstyling.

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I ask her what solutions as a hairstylist have they come up with to make people look prettier while they are stuck at home. She says that she been talking to her clients to see if they need anything or help with regards to maintaining their hair and also providing them tips for hair maintenance.

I further ask Estephanie how excited is she with our salon partnership and how easy will it be to set up again since hairstylists may be leaving the saloon business entirely. She says, of course, there are people that will get disappointed and non-motivated but with every salon, we open will give people a little spark back and people that have been doing hair for a long time to inspire new people in the game.

I also ask her what she finds owning her own business as a woman. She says that she initially didn’t look to own her own business but when she was was fired from her first job and left her second where she took a leap of faith to venture into the beauty industry. She did all this by learning and tracking how things are done by her boss.

Estephanie offers 3 pieces of advice to her younger 20-year-old version of herself on how to be successful.
1) – Learn, read books on the subject, and get a mentor.
2) – Create a strong foundation
3) – Have a lot of faith and always believe in yourself.

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To listen to Estephanie Zarate’s Alchemist Nation Podcast on Anchor: #43 Estephanie Zarate Building A Beauty Salon Empire

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