#42 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast With Laura Jaramillo Who Has A Creative Strategy For AirBNB

In this interview with Laura Jaramillo, we talk about her creative strategy for Airbnb. Laura says that people’s businesses have suffered during the pandemic and now it’s high time for entrepreneurs to create businesses that can withstand anything not waiting for things to get back to normal or where they were.

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I ask Laura if she opened to doing podcasts intros like music with a little vibe in the beginning since I’m starting two Podcasts 100 millionaires and Alchemist insights. She definitely says yes since she has redesigned everything into packages and what she wants to create has a WHY element in them, why is it important and all this is tied to your brand and how you’re going to represent your brand. She further explains when creating intros, there needs to be a system that continues to flow through everything, and through the avenue, you would invest in. This will help in tieing all your packages and establish your brand because brands that have a feeling have created a feeling in everything.

I further ask her what is that one thing she’s focusing on to bring in a lot of money. She says doing a lot of Airbnb where she handles the marketing side of things while her mother does the cleaning aspect and the father who does construction. She says what she’s focusing on is the artistry in the Airbnb rooms to create Disney feelings in the Airbnb rooms.

Laura offers advice to a younger version of herself on how to be successful.
1) – Mindset and the team of people you have around.

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To listen to Laura Jaramillo’s Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast on Anchor: #42 Laura Jaramillo Has A Creative Strategy For AirBNB

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