#41 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Aubrey Lambalot on Female Entrepreneur Mentorship

In this interview with Audrey Lambalot, we discuss what she has been up to during the times of Covid19 and she’s doing prior to and her current life. She says that she does real estate investing, interior design, and also run a female entrepreneurship program. I ask Audrey how she got into real estate investing in the first place. She says it was in 2014 when she bought her first multifamily where they had to renovate it to standards and live in one half while the other half was rented off.

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Audrey talks about how she got over the stereotype of being a female spouse in the real estate investment game that takes away a woman’s dream. She says that having a 3 family that needed to be renovated helped her lot because she was making it on her own even though she was going to live there. When they bought the house and renovated it, she thought that she was going to live in the house forever but now she has a different money-making mindset of real estate properties.

I further ask Audrey what inspired her to feel like the real estate is the niche that needs to be serviced. She says she started with a friend whom she always meets to startup a business. She talks about businesses she had started with her friend but still failed but when she was older and had a better drive, she called the same friend to start the real estate business.

I also ask her where does she see herself going like in the next 5 -10 years with her husband. She says that in the 5 – 10 years she will add to her real estate portfolio, be financially successful, scale her virtual interior design so that she can hire people to work for her, and focus on other aspects of the business.

Audrey offers 3 pieces of advice to her younger version of herself in order to be successful
1) – Don’t be afraid
2) – Ask questions
3) – Do it for yourself

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