You Can’t Speak Right, But You Should Learn. Before It’s Too Late

Learning how to speak seems like it would be obvious…

We are all using words everyday and most people believe that they actually are saying valuable things…

Unfortunately, most people aka the 95% are broke… they have terrible relationships and they are over worked and underpaid…

Let’s just pretend that the difference between the highest paid people on the planet and the lowest paid people on the planet was their ability to speak.

Can you imagine how many more deals you could close if you knew exactly what to say to 100-500 people all at the same time?

Speaking is not just for educators and teachers. It works even better for real estate investors, entrepreneurs, real estate agents and sales people in every business.

I am so thankful I discovered this and went on my journey traveling the country in search for the master of stage speaking. Learning their habits, structures and principles has helped me take my investment and real estate businesses to the next level!

I was talking to my good friend Dug McGuirk who was actually trained by the greatest stage speaker in the world Anthony Robbins!

They traveled together on tour for years and in that time Dug was building the skills and honing the principles to public speaking.

Now with Corona and the sudden flood of eyes and ears to zoom and other internet events, the value and opportunity of being able to fill virtual rooms and speak about your mission and you company is even more vital.

Dug is running a power training course via zoom that is designed to help you convert more and make your trainings entertain, engaging and even more profound for anyone lucky enough to be in your room.

Now in the honor of full disclosure I want to tell you that because I believe so much in the value of learning how to speak I asked Dug for an affiliate link to his program.

This way, I can receive a little bonus when you sign up for this training. I know what you are thinking… of course you did, you love selling a good product!

What you might not know is that this is just one more step in my plan to build 100 Millionaires who are inspired to build 100 more millionaires.

Passing the torch down along with the principles and the mindset it takes to become a millionaire.

Ultimately I have a mission and Dug has brought one more tool to the arsenal.

If you are interested in learning more about selling via ZOOM, OR you just want to be able to feel more confident in a room of people, this training will take YOU and your business to the next level.

If that isn’t something you are interested in and you’ve read this far then I have to assume that you are someone who suffers from analysis paralysis.

In that case you will want to join my Mentorship program and start taking control of your life.

If that scares you then I am going to ask you to take a deep breath and ask yourself what is really important in your life.

Write it down and then go do it. Whatever that thing is, take action on it today. You deserve the life of your dreams and speaking them into existence starts, with learn how to speak.

Register today. The class starts in November and once it’s over it may be another year before you have another chance.

Whatever you decide, I hope you are following your heart and your mind and moving in the right direction for your life goals.

Here is the registration link that I get paid for when you sign up:

Cheers to your success ??

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