Season #2 Of The 52 Millionaire Wealth Principles #6- Your Business Must Solve a Problem

In Season 2 of  Millionaire Wealth Principle #6, I talk about Your Business Must Solve a Problem. Most entrepreneurs because they are good at something, they just want to make money. Most entrepreneurs start a business to make money. Solving a problem in business is the only way you get paid, so you start a business to get paid but you don’t get paid unless you solve a problem. Your business must solve a problem and you will be paid a direct proportion on how big the problem is and how easy is it to solve, meaning the function of supply and demand and how fast or easy is it to solve or how difficult it is.

An Exercise To Keep Your Brain Hooked

I want you to pull out a pen and a piece of paper and I want to write down what your business is and the title you say you’re and think about why you got into that business in the first place for example my brother got into backflipping to be cool. He wanted to be the guy who does something that nobody else does. Write down that feeling of where you were before doing that business of yours. 50% of you did truly get into the business just to make money. For us who got in for the money, we must do a different angle for us which is 1) – Is this business the right for us? 2) – Why is our concern making money and If your concern is making money with that business and we’re in a business that makes money, maybe we could teach that business? I want you to focus some energy on that, focus on the lack of having that skill that you’ve acquired, for us real estate investors, focus on the lack of acquiring property, lack of having that wealth or money in the bank, or not having that property that you really wanted. Focus on that desire, skill, or lack and remember that memory, remember that emotion and I want you to have that pain for just a moment because that is what most people experience around this topic. Around your business, most people that are your clients are experiencing lack of motion around the product that you sell.

Create A Product For Your Value Of Time

I asked my ideal client what was it that they were looking for, I asked them what they were looking for. In fact, I asked on my Facebook page two days ago that what wholesaling pieces or elements are missing in your life and I got a couple of responses which is my next course. It is all about understanding and creating a product for your value of time. Not everybody can pay a $25K product, sometimes you have to serve a certain type of a person or a certain type of clientele until you can develop a better product or a better base or a better group of people for what you’re looking to sell. One of the reasons your business isn’t doubling its income or getting to where you want is you’re working with the same clientele that you’ve always worked with or you’re working with the number of clients you have been always working with. Sometimes in real estate, we buy units and $600 is the rent and we want to make that jump to $ 800 or $ 1200 which is market rent, so I have to change the client or I’m going to improve myself or write an increase.

Do Visionary Integrator Meetings Every Week

Ron and I do the visionary integrator meeting every week and we asked ourselves what is the real big problem we can solve this year and from these meetings is where the 100 millionaires came from and we looked around and we were good at real estate deals, raising capital, making deals work, putting deals together and we asked ourselves who does big deals, who does a thousand deals a year which are hedge funds and syndications and we looked at their problems which are finding the deal and raising capital. So Ron and I decided to go solve the problems for the biggest people on the planet in real estate. So we’ll raise capital for syndications, we’ll find deals for syndications and we’ll take over buildings that are poorly run by poor syndications.


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