Revisiting Millionaire Wealth Principle #1 Think A Million

Why This Principle Is Worth Revisiting

In Season 2 of the Millionaire Wealth Principle #1, I talk about Think a Million. Making a million is relative to the speed, relative to the time and if it takes a person 40 years to make a million-dollar, that person is called normal. Everyone will make a million dollars over 40 years, the food and housing requirement will force you to make that money whether it comes from you or the government.

Think a million is relative to where you at as long as you can stretch from where you at. In order to think a million, you have to contemplate, you have to spend time on the number, you have to visualize it. It can be a million in equity in a business or a million of purchased assets or a million-dollar business, it can be a million in the bank, it can be a million in a brokerage account, it can be a million of crypto.

Your Potential Is Discovered

Let’s do an exercise. Write down the first emotion you have when you think a million and please don’t be ashamed of what comes to your mind. I want us to focus on the words that we saw like easy, possible, happening, abundance, family. Hard work is opening up to the potential where somebody can’t let you down but also committing to that person so hard that you know that you know they never would.

The hard work is really building your team, it is supporting the people around you. You work hard and figure out what true wealth is. Syed one of my students told me about Grant Cardone and Gary Vee’s philosophies of grind. These two always tell people to go out and grind yet to me, I’m like don’t grind, go get it, go receive it, build a team and receive. I told him their grind is to build people, their grind is inspiring people, all you see them do is go out inspire and empower, go out teach and empower, that is their grind.

If you’re not doing their grind, you’re not grinding, you will definitely have to sleep at the wheel. If you’re just working hard, you’re not hitting the goal, you’re not getting to the point. You work hard until you discover the grind, you work hard until you figure out what true work is. It doesn’t matter what you think but what you produce so long as it inspires other people to go out and do their very best. If you can do that then those people will create something amazing.

The Power Of Committing To Yourself Weekly

With the wealth principles, they were designed in such a way that you can’t help but be successful as long as you commit to yourself each week to do one thing, focus on this one principle every week. This principle is a little bit different than other ones though it aligns with some of the more visual ones. You’re going to be thinking of a million dollars, what does it mean to you? You will have two sides of it which are Pain and Gain. What does it mean if you don’t make it? find something crazy that psyches you up.

If you don’t make a million, something happens that is bad. On the other side of gain, find some amazing thing on the other side that gets up so amped up, so excited about making a million dollars. Write down the dollar amount, the time frame, and how you want it earned, the most reasonable step. As you’re looking at it, I want you to focus on one thing, focus on the fact that it is possible, focus on the fact that you’ve already got it, focus on the fact that other people have already done it and so if they have then you will identify how to do it yourself.

In fact, focus on the fact that you’re already attracting the right mentors into your life, the right conversions, the right partnerships, the right people. Now visualize how very easy it is to bring into your life the people that can help you reach that goal.

The Book Of The Week!

Mike Schein Talks about the book of the week which is The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller. Mike says that is not only entertaining to read but it is a manual you can refer back to a million times and still not get everything out of it. If you wanted to succeed, you could just read it, carry and live with it and you would get to the millionaire status. It starts off by deflating the myths that real estate is difficult, we can all do it and you don’t have to be Elon Musk to succeed in real estate and there is a lot of things that I refer to from this very book like track your net-worth.

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