#93 Alchemist Nation Podcast – How To Get An Extra Solar Tenant Using Your Roof with Ryan Rego.

Ryan Rego - Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast

In this episode of the Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast, I talk to Ryan Rego who has a product called Solar Power, and how it can give you cash flow for your rental properties. I wanted to know how Ryan got started in solar. He says that it was actually in college when he was in the hallway and they were given free cookies, so he saw these free cookies at the table and he was at college at the time, a little tight on budget, grabbed some cookies and a guy from the conference room came and asked him if he was there for the conference. He replied yes he was there for the conference and when he entered the conference they were talking about using real hard data about how the cost of solar is coming down and how is it going to get down and become more superior. Nothing to do with climate change, nothing to do with anything political, it was just going to be a superior way of producing electricity and he was hooked. He knew that day he wanted to be in solar though the problem was a little too early, wasn’t established yet and he was a little early in his career. He did a little stint in real estate but he ended getting a job at a company owned by Tesla called Solar City where he worked his way up, sold solar, and he’s appreciative of the time where he learned a bunch of stuff however he realized that there were localized aspects that big companies couldn’t do. After being there for 5 years, he and his business partner left the company and started Isaksen Solar and the rest is history.

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I further ask Ryan how he got into real estate investing. He says that because he is from the city of Fall River and there is a lot of multifamilies, which is kind of in his DNA, and from hearing people talk about multifamilies hearing people talk about properties, cash flow. He felt like it was cool to buy investment properties in Fall River before we started hearing about it in other places. When he was about 18 years he made a promise to himself that he wanted to own multifamily, he wanted cash flow, saved for a few years, bought his first one and he was hooked and now owns a few of them. He says that he nowhere to be an expert like me, he’s an amateur on that level but he does own the rental properties, he loves the cash flow and the idea of owning assets. He is a huge proponent and if you can do it, you should do it and he knows everyone can do it. In his opinion, he thinks that it is the greatest way to build wealth.

I also ask Ryan for a 1000 square foot, 3 family, a usable roof of like 500 sq ft, what does he think is going to generate if there are no trees around. He says that if there is no shading, it can comfortably generate $ 3000 a year. He is talking about a small building, trying to be little low set expectations, about $ 3000 dollars a year of electricity can be generated on the roof and he is not talking about a large commercial building or a 10 family. Please don’t get me wrong 3000 dollars a year, it is a good dollar amount but the beautiful thing is that the systems can last for 30 years plus and as the prices of electricity increases, the value of what it is giving you is automatically increasing with it.

Ryan offers Advice to 20-year-old Ryan on how to step and take his game to the next level.

  • You can absolutely 100% do it if you work hard

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