New to Real Estate Wholesaling? First Steps to Get Started!

There are many ways to target off market sellers, and with a huge load of digital information it can be overwhelming and challenging to choose what tool to begin with . 

If you are new to wholesaling, do not worry! Here is a simple way to start!

1. Decide where YOU want to buy OR find cash buyers and ask them where THEY want to buy. Ask for a perfect deal sample and specific criteria: # of beds, # of baths, # of units, zip code, last sale date, equity amount if important, status of ownership. Pick a CITY!

2. Go and get the list! Since you must call each “NO” answer at least 5 times, start with no more than 1000 addresses. Places to get the list are: Investor Friendly Realtor – Absentee Owner List or Owner-Occupied (Happy to Help); County Tax Department – Tax Delinquent List;?County Court House – Probate List. Build the list here:,?,, etc.

3. Skip Trace Phone Numbers: if you wish to spend time and do it manually. OR send it to 

4. Now that you got the list, time to upload it to a speed dialer: MoJo, REDx, CallTools (we got a deal).

5. Scripts: check out Call Questionnaire, Scripts tips and tricks on our Facebook PAGE

6. Start Calling! 

7. Facebook PAGE. Please, click HERE to join the mastermind and make sure to create questions, comments, share thoughts, scripts, resources and videos. We will all be super appreciative and benefited.

8. Track your results! What you focus on, expands. 

A few tips to top it off

We are looking for motivated sellers: tired of tenants, behind on payments, relocating, tax deliquesces, getting old.. etc. When you speak with them, try to uncover their why and motivation. Do not give a price unless they give you the price first. They might ask you for YOUR offer over the phone and insist on you giving it them. We say that without seeing the place, there are really the only ones that know what its worth because it ‘s their house. You goals is to overcome their objections by having them solve their own concerns. the best calibrated questions is “How am I supposed to do that”, “How am I supposed to give you an offer without really seeing the property” They will need to think about it and have no other choice but setting an appointment.


“Hello, my name is Superstar, I am a real estate investor, looking to buy property in your area… (Pause, see they are still on the line)… Who do you know who will be looking to sell soon? Can I set an appointment with them this week?”

“ Would you happen to know anyone is looking to buy?”

Any Questions? I am easy to find!  Message me on Facebook

Go Get It! 

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