#69 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast – Suzanne Dwyer Interview On Building More Coaches

Big thanks to local business coach Suzanne Dwyer for giving some great advice for local business owners as well as Investors looking to expand their business!. We talk about how Suzzanne got into coaching coaches, what her plans are and where is she going with this. She says when all this stuff started happening with Corona, it became apparent that small businesses were being left out and she didn’t like it whatsoever. What she ended up doing was kind of jumped onto that really quickly and started offering strategy sessions for free which she discussed with me. Instead of charging $ 59 dollars, she gave those seats away to business owners and they kept asking her if she had a class that they could take. She had already something that she had well defined like something she had set up might be a baking course but she realized a couple of different things and had to tweak it immediately and push it down to 8 weeks instead of 16 weeks and she needed to make it more interactive. So they jumped half the time but they were getting 16 lessons in 8 weeks, they were still getting the same content though it was broken down so differently. So she automated a lot of it as well and simplified it, so the way she set it up, she needs more coaches and what she is doing now is that she is bringing in more coaches and she is certifying them under her brand.

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I ask Suzzane if she is creating an army of coaches. She definitely agrees that she has it set up for small businesses like for any style of small businesses like standard not like MLM, Direct Sales, and go into the main key passes. The first thing they start with is something simple which is defining the systems you currently have and that you’re utilizing. Time management skills, she teaches time management skills right off the jump because without good time management skills you’re not accomplishing anything. She then jumps into other pieces like budgeting, ROI and gets into actual sales, how do you sell to somebody minus shoving it down somebody’s throat, how to get them into the conversion process then she gets into marketing, market research, and then they get into the social media aspect. How to build your platforms to get them to convert for you and how to gain high base conversions from their platform then she shows them how to implement everything. She will be tweaking it a little bit for real estate and when that happens she will be having a good conversation on that.

I also ask where does she see small businesses going in the next 5 years. She says that right now they are dealing with an earthquake and all of those small businesses that are not very strong are gone and those that are still standing need to prepare for the aftershocks and that is going to be an influx in business for the organizations that have closed, all those people need to find new sources, so you’ve to be prepared to handle your growth right away. Unfortunately, if you can’t, you’ll be on that chopping block, and that is the first thing she sees coming downhill. What she typically says to business owners is to prepare for the influx of customers, so make your foundation firm, be prepared for those people and the other key factor is really focusing greatly on what you excel at because when you focus on greatly on what is it that you excel at, people will draw to you over the newbies any day of the week. When those newbies go away, that is going to build your platform just that much more as being the expert in your field.

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