#68 Alchemist Nation Podcast – Trent Reynalds Has Done Everything & Now He Owns A Convention Center

Trent Reynalds Has Done Everything & Now He Owns A Convention Center and is getting ready to ramp up his offerings as a Real Estate Coach! Trent has moved into the commercial real estate market in Denver and is closing up a few large transactions before re-evaluating the direction to take his business in. Trent talks about what he has and provides in his coaching program which is an 8-week module program where he kinda goes over the full spectrum i.e the mindset, business formation, and everything related to it, wholesaling, fix and flips and Short term and long term rentals and trainees can transfer that knowledge into commercial if they want. He also says that his market is in Denver and he has been buying commercial real estate. He kept a couple of rentals in Denver, has a convention center up in the mountains, and hopes to buy another commercial building. Other than that he bought apartment buildings elsewhere and doesn’t really think he is going to too much in there.

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I ask Trent if the convention center was his first commercial building. He says that it wasn’t his first because he was syndicating apartment buildings and it was his first triple net on that. In relation to that, I ask him how did he jump from being a fix and flip guy to syndicating apartments. He says that initially he went to graduate school for real estate and construction management which was essentially commercial and multifamily stuff and he understood commercial real estate from the beginning. He understood how to underwrite and how the investments looked like and how to do it. With a background of fixes and flips, rehab and other related stuff made him to easily make a transition.

I further ask why did he leave Florida and head back to Colorado. He says that he knows what he does and he can do it anywhere. When they got done in Florida was interesting because the houses in the market were so interesting i.e one would sell in a day and another one would sell in 8 months and it would be literally the same house. They [him and his wife] got the Florida real estate license and started looking at the commercial stuff with a commercial broker and met a couple a real estate developers and partnered with them, so they were developing luxury homes in Naples. They ended up coming up to Denver for the summer, stayed in their house and rented it out again in the fall, and rented their house in Florida for the Summer. He says that he kind of misses his friends and it is a different demographic in Fort Myers, a slower pace for retired and those who want to chill. They really wanted to have it for a while though they were the hustle-bustle type and they decided to go ahead a sell the house which they did for a profit.

Trent talks about going back to Florida though he says that Denver is like their base and he could see himself in a couple of years having a house in Florida and Texas because his parents live in Texas. For Trent where his family is, he would like to have a house though typically for him, he would like to have Airbnb or vacation rentals where he wants to go and spend a few months of the year. It is a little bit high risk but also a nice return that you can make your mortgage payment, make some money and you also get to stay there for free.

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