Do You Want More TIME & MONEY?

As you may know I like to make the beta reading of my book open sourced so the community that will be using them can actually gain the information and request changes or additional information to be added as the book is being written.

This post is One Chapter of my coming book, “GET THE DEAL”. Which the idea has it’s origins from the live training with the same name that I have taught to thousands of real estate investors all across the country and have had time to refine the information to answer the questions most asked at those trainings. Without further ado I want to encourage you to read this chapter and leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Chapter One

“The Point Is Not To Work, It Is To Generate Income.”

– Gualter Amarelo

It’s funny that even though you and I may not have met in person yet, there’s something I already know about you. You see, there are only two types of people in this world. There are the type of people who have too much time on their hands and not enough money (this is most of the world who spend their time on Netflix, playing video games, reading fantasy/romance novels or know what their favorite football player or actors ate for breakfast). Then there are the other type of people who have too much money in their hands, but not enough time, (think rich entrepreneurs, CEO’s who read 50+ business books each year or even people working 2-3 jobs to have “a little extra”).

Both problems can be extremely painful. I know about both, but I spent most of my life I with the problem of too much time on my hands. Which doesn’t mean that I felt like I wasn’t busy, it just meant that I had more time than I had of money and I didn’t feel like I had many options in life.

Now up until about a few years ago my life changed completely. I had moved into a world of too much money and not enough time! This started to take a toll on my life, on my health, and on my relationships. I noticed I no longer cared about what I ate, I didn’t go to the gym anymore I didn’t care if I spent time with the people close to me. All that mattered was staying ahead of the work and making sure everything got done my way.

Yes, I had plenty of money and the money was flowing in amounts somedays I could not believe. I was making in a month sometimes in a week more than I would make in the entire year previously! I know you’ve heard it said before that money doesn’t make you happy… I don’t want to sound like this was the case. I have to agree to some point, but at the same time I have to disagree because I’ve been broke and I’ve been rich with lots of time and I’ll tell you what. There is a way to get BOTH money AND Time!

Now even though I previously implied that time and money can be a problem let me reframe that belief, because that’s not truly accurate. In fact the reality is that time and money are not the problem they’re never the problem. The problem is actually the “scarcity mindset”. It’s looking at the world as if there is a shortage of time or money and that it can never be enough. I am going to offer you a new way of looking at the world through the eyes of Abundance, using something I call the “Alchemist Mindset”.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gualter Amarelo. I am the Best Selling author of the book “Broke to Quarter-Million”. In that first book I tell the story of how I rose from rags to riches and built myself up from being divorced, broke, and living off of my brother’s charity to being able to retire at 30 years old from a decade of working in the corporate world and a 3 year, career of being a real estate agent. I have since moved on to becoming a millionaire by 32, a multi-millionaire by 34 and at the time of writing this book my wealth and my income have continued to double for the last 5 years.

The reason I am telling you this is not just because those were big accomplishments for me, but instead to encourage you to read my first book so you might come to the understanding that you and I are very much the same in many ways. Like you, I didn’t start with much, but I still wanted to be more and have more in my life.

The “Vision” For This Book

I’m writing this book is because I set a challenge for myself about a year ago. I had recently come out of retirement again for the 3rd time (something I seem to do each year for a few months, because as I mentioned… when you suddenly get too much time, life starts to cost more money). I was working my butt off building a training company around the theme of turning people into gold. We called the company Alchemist Real Estate Group and we were dedicating our time  to helping real estate investors and real estate agents learn how to turn their relationships into gold. For those of you haven’t heard of the word, “Alchemy” it was the term for early chemistry which was commonly focused on turning metals (usually lead) into “gold”.

Now as a side note, I have always enjoyed references that have a mystical sound to them and during this time I kept referring to myself as having the “Midas Touch” when it came to our students. I would say that, “If you signed up for my course I would teach you how to transform the quality of every lead your receive into gold. Just like King Midas himself!”

As we were building our first trainings one of our early partners started referring to me as the “Alchemist” of the company instead of the visionary. That day the concept of Real Estate Investing as “Alchemy” was born and the name Alchemist became a term we would use to refer to one of our students who really seemed to “get it”. After a while the name just kind of stuck and we have been building the Alchemist Nation ever since.

Anyway, back to my point. I was working my butt off and one day I just decided in my mind, “there’s no way I am ever going to work this hard again and when I figure out how to get myself out of the daily grind of this business, I’m going to teach our Alchemist Nation so that they can build amazing investment businesses and rental portfolios that will Fast-Track their Retirement”! That is part of where the goal of building 100 Millionaires came from.

Now I’ll be honest the 100 millionaires didn’t come to me as just an ambivalent goal just to help the world and make it a better place in the beginning. In fact my first thoughts really were that I just wanted to learn how to earn a billion dollars for myself and my partners.

So yes even though our mission came from the concept of serving my own goal to see if it was possible to build a billion dollar company, it quickly adapted to, “if I can teach 100 people how to become millionaires, then we could do it again and again until we either wipe out poverty or break the money system!” Ambitious goal.. I know! It’s exciting enough to keep me up late every night for the past few months writing this book.

Now a very strange thing started to happen. As I began moving forward with this mission it started to get a mind of it’s own and has become much, much, bigger than my original goal! You see I’ve found friends, partners, affiliates, coaches, mentors. I’ve joined masterminds and I’ve met some of the coolest people on the planet who also get so fired up when they hear the mission and everything we are doing to help build 100 Millionaires each year!

The more I talk about it, the more people we find who are willing to take on the mission of building their own team of 100 Millionaires! This lead to the creation of the Alchemist Nation Podcast. Which is a podcast where I interview other Real Estate Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires from across the country to see what advice they are willing to give away to new and experienced investors just like the people who make up our amazing community.

To catch up on the latest episodes of the Alchemist Nation Podcast you can go to my website which is GUALTERAMARELO.COM or my first and last name .com. We might as well get this out of the way now. My name has a G at the front and sounds a lot like GWalter so I won’t be offended if you can’t pronounce it properly when we meet live. Anyway, make sure you utilize the free resources on the website and check back often for all of the many updates and new information/tools we are always adding to the site, to help you along the way.

Why It’s So Important For YOU To Become A Millionaire

Since you picked up this book and have continued reading this far it is obvious that the goal is to add Millions of dollars to your life. So naturally I have to assume that you are different from most people. You are one of those people who is willing and excited to do the work to become a millionaire. Where most people if you ask them if they want to become millionaire they will say,” yes of course” (if it falls in my lap) but when it comes down to it they are not willing to make the sacrifices, to read the books, and to dedicate the time to grow the way that YOU are willing to.

Why is it important to become a millionaire? Well there are a number of reasons, but the one I hear our students say most often when asked why they want to get financial freedom in their life is, “the ability to do whatever you want, with whoever you want, whenever you want”.

Maybe you want to create some stability for your family and you know that earning a net-worth of  $1,000,000 and having the passive income that comes with that net-worth will give you the freedom to be the kind of parent, who has the time to take their kids to every soccer game or the supportive spouse or family member that everyone knows they can rely on.

Maybe at some point you learned that creating financial freedom is the only way to build a financial wall around your family to protect them by building generational wealth.

This book is filled with the systems and proven processes that are the foundation for a retirement placed on the fast-track. Now let me be very clear, when I say “fast-track” I’m not implying that we’re going to skip any steps. Oh no, in fact, we’re going to follow every single process that leads to success in real estate investing, but that doesn’t mean it has to take a long time if you follow the process. When I start this I was willing to dedicate 5 years,7 years, or even 10 years to this journey so if it takes you 3-5 years that would be a success in my book and if it takes longer it is still a massive success compared to the majority of the population.

Then there are those people who really, really, really, want to get rich just to prove that their life means something. I know that for me I came from this last group of people. For some reason Building wealth meant for me that I was a valuable human being period. Now don’t get me wrong I understand that being a father/mother, a son/daughter, a brother/sister, husband/wife is a very valuable role you play, but you might be like me and realize that there’s a little bit more that you are capable of.

By building a business that has a value of $1,000,000 you can put a tangible dollar amount on what you’ve accomplished in your life. For some people that can be very important. I know it was for me and as I am reaching for the billion dollars with our first 100 Millionaires I can feel the importance that this vision holds for the many thousands of people are empires combined have and will continue to effect as we all learn and grow together as a community.

Putting all of the basic ambitions aside there is also a higher reason to become a millionaire. If you want to be able to help people or donate to charities that help the poor (or as I have learned to call them, “those who are becoming rich”). The first thing you have to do is make sure that you are not one of them! You can’t help “those who are becoming rich” if you can’t help yourself. So let’s focus on building wealth! Join our tribe of 100 Millionaires so you can start giving back in a much bigger way.

How To Use This Book

You’ll notice this book is broken into 2 different sections and is actually the first part of a larger series of books to come. That’s because real estate investing has four major categories that will improve or hold back your success. To the degree that you get extremely good at any three of these four categories you will always find that one starts falling behind the others. Now, you can be successful with just two or three of these but when you master all four categories watch out, because YOU are totally going to dominate your market!


The first and most important of the main categories is your Mindset. Of all four this is not always the most obvious, but to any extent that the other 3 categories is not working, it can always be traced back to Mindset. 

The motivational speaker Tony Robbins is known for telling a story about how circus elephants are trained as babies by putting a large stake in the ground and tying their leg to a chain. In the beginning the baby elephant fights and pulls at the stake, but gradually over time it realizes that it is not capable of escape and so it decides that when the chain is latched onto its leg it will no longer fight. This training is so effective that even as a full-sized elephant all a trainer will do is tie a small rope around the elephants leg and have full confidence the animal will stay in place.

The elephant believed in the limitations that were imposed on itself as a baby during a time that had much different rules that are no longer based in truth. He believes in a false truth and because of this false belief no longer has the option for anything else. He is now living in a prison in his own mind.

The moral of the story is that you can only accomplish the tasks that you believe are possible for you. So if you don’t have all the money that you want or the time that you would like, we are going to continue the process of unlocking the potential of your mind in the Alchemist Mindset section of this book. There is a process to getting the life you want and it will first have to start with getting a mindset based in truth and the facts about what you are really capable of.


 The second section and the largest part of this book that we’re going to jump into is how to “GET THE DEAL”. Now when I refer to a deal I’m talking about a piece of property that is going to work for your strategy. Finding a good deal is actually the secret to finding the money and knowing what kind of Labor you actually need for the property. So even though most people when they started this business think that money is really the main issue they are missing the truth. That money issue can actually be solved by going and getting a great deal .

In this book I’m going to go into great detail and provide many resources so that you can find off-market deals in any market and any niche that you decide you would like to invest in. Once you master these skills you can either wholesale the properties to another investor, list the properties if you are a real estate agent, flip or buy and hold the properties if you are an investor who has figured out how to “get the money”.


 Often when I am speaking at live events or on webinars the first question I will ask is what is stopping you right now from buying a piece of property or your next deal? The most common response I hear is, “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t know how to get the money”.

In my “GET THE MONEY” live training, I run our students through an exercise where they have to visualize a very expensive house. Then I tell the students that they have been offered the opportunity to buy this house at 10 cents on the dollar, which is a 90% discount!

They are then instructed to go and find someone who will lend them the money for interest or equity in the deal. Once you realize that the potential equity in the house is where ALL the money really is it opens you mind to the truth! Which is that with a good enough deal, any amount of money can be raised and found if given enough time! As you can imagine this creates a lot of excitement with the students who quickly realize that they would FIND the money to lend on this house if the price was low enough. Especially if they knew they could sell it for much, much, more to someone else if they decided not to keep the deal.

In the Money section of the next book in this series, I’m going to breakdown the many different ways that you can find all of the capital you need to do the deals that will move you forward. If you don’t have money and you don’t have credit don’t worry. There are strategies that will work for you.

That being said, having money and good credit are going to make a major difference in speeding up your ability to buy real estate and leverage more assets that you will acquire over time. So as a first tip on the subject, make sure that you are always saving money to invest in more real estate and protecting your credit score.


 The last section of this series which I will aim to release later in the year. Is the labor for your projects as well as the people that you’re going to need to work with in order to find deals and raise the capital with to close on your deals. Building your team of Real Estate Wholesalers, Agents, Fellow Investors, Mentors, Lenders, Property Managers, Contractors and Attorneys is KEY. As well as how you can work with each specialist to not just improve your business, but also add value to theirs as well by being a consistent and loyal client. Remember that you need these people as they are helping build and improve the day-to-day inner workings of your business.

In the beginning you will be relying very heavily on outsourcing everything, including the money you use for deals. One day though, as your portfolio matures and your investment goals change you may find yourself in a very unique position. The position of “being the bank”. That is every long-term investors ultimate goal and I intend to finish this series of books in the end with a book to help you reach that goal to, “BE THE BANK”.

Can I Skip Sections Of The Book And Still Call Myself A Real Estate Alchemist?

The answer is yes and no.

Too Much Time/ No Money – Level I

If you know wholesaling or being a real estate agent is your current goal because you have a lot of time and not a lot of cash then You are definitely going to want to focus on The “GET THE DEAL” section of this series, but if you want to have a great understanding of “who” you’re selling these initial properties too, “What” kind of expenses they have and the people “who” they are borrowing money from then you’re still going to want to read the sections in this series as they are released.

Too Much Time/ No Money – Level II

If you know flipping or buying rental property is your current goal then you can feel free to skip right ahead to the “GET THE MONEY” section of this series (coming Soon), but I will warn you. If you want to really get the best deals and help train your “wholesalers” and “real estate agents” then the chapters in the “GET THE DEAL”section is going to be paramount for your success.

Too Much Money/No Time – Level I

If you are already a successful real estate investor who is doing “flips and owns rental property”, but you find yourself limited by how much you can do because the team that you’re working with has maxed out. Then you may want to skip ahead to the “BUILD THE TEAM” section in this series and start attracting the right talent to your business, but you may find that having a better understanding of what they are doing as far as getting deals and raising capital goes is helpful. You may want to read the chapters in the “GET THE DEAL” section of this book & check my website often for my coming “GET THE MONEY” part of the series.

Too Much Money/No Time – Level II

If you have acquired a substantial amount of money and know putting your current capital to work for you is your main goal then you can skip ahead too the, “BE THE BANK” section at the end of this series, but I still suggest that you read the entire series from start to finish. This way you can better understand “How” each deal comes to be, “Why” some are good deals, while others are risky and ultimately, “Who” you want to lend to as well as “What” signs should make you run the other way.

Are You A Licensed Real Estate Agent?

In addition to the above scenarios. If you are a real estate agent or considering getting your real estate license and want to learn the right way to work with investors to help them get the best deals and build their empires. Then will do yourself the most value by studying the chapters in the “GET THE DEAL” section of this series. You’ll also want to pick up a copy of the coming book in the Real Estate Alchemist Series, “WORKING WITH INVESTORS” where I will discuss how to attract investors to work with you and who will buy multiple deals with you each year.

You can follow my blog at to catch the latest chapters to each series as I write them and test them out over the months between now and the time they are completed. Thank you for your patience and support while I continue to build this series to be the full resource to help you build your Million Dollar Empire. Let’s dive right into the Alchemist Mindset!

Alchemist Insights

As you move forward through this series, keep in mind that that there are only 2 types of problems in this world. You will either have too much money or too much time. Life is about counter-balancing back and forth between these two positions.

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