#70 Alchemist Nation Podcast with Ryan Snow Author Of The Miracle Morning For Sales People.

In this interview with Ryan Snow the author of The Miracle Morning For Sales People, we talk about how Ryan got into the writing of The Miracle Morning for Sales People. He says that it all started after he graduated from college right after 9/11 and he was in search of a job when the whole market had crapped out on him. His Dad had to book a $14 appointment for a sales interview for knives. He says that what sold him was his sales manager with whom he worked with and learned a lot about sales from her.

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Ryan talks about how he met the Author of Miracle Morning during a book launch where he had a conversation with him about doing a series that is geared to salespeople and he was like let’s write a book since both of us are salespeople.

I further ask Ryan why he left the brokerage yet everything in the company seemed to be going on smoothly. He says that he didn’t have ownership of the company. Secondly, he felt he had maxed out a little bit since they had most of the market share in the towns that they were in. Thirdly he had other opportunities coming since the launch of The Miracle Morning For Salespeople, he had to do 1-day workshops for the book.

I also ask Ryan what he sees doing going forward. He tells me that it’s not all about the bigger stage but the people he can help, the impact he can make on people’s lives, and how they can implement what he has taught.

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