Chris Anderson Is Pulling In $90k Per Month In Rents – Answers How To Attract 100 Millionaires

In this interview with Chris Anderson who is Pulling In $90k Per Month In Rents answers How To Attract 100 Millionaires. We talk about how the previous week was pretty intense where Chris talks about it having a lot of feelings yet to him he doesn’t love such. He says that he answers the question the best way he knows it and he only knows how to hit people between their eyes which the best way to play the game of life. He says that he was having a real estate meet up an event where a guy stood up to ask him why he thinks that he is more successful and why he thinks that other people fail. He answered him that he knows the secret that is pretty simple and he knows that the guy wouldn’t put it into play. So the guy was like give me the words of wisdom which he [guy] did in front of like 100 people. Chris answered him by saying, successful people always decide to win. Chris continues to state that the reason why he is good at everything he does because he chooses to be. This is because when other people give up or stop trying, for him keeps playing until he wins and that’s why most successful people are good at what they do.

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I ask Chris what would he suggest to attract people who have the desired and drive to become millionaires. He says that he would rather work with 5 people who are doing the thing then talk to 100 who aren’t doing anything. You know we’re in the same mastermind group and should always pay attention to how I engage with people. If he sees there’s someone who will do something, he will engage with him/her and if someone is not like the type that will do something, then he will ignore.

Chirs and I talk about the Maths in identifying the 100 millionaires where 1% comes from 30,000 people in different sectors of building wealth i.e real estate, stocks, and business. He says that you don’t coach the 30,000 but reach them then from these, you will just need a hundred action takers.

He says that if you have a funnel that starts with Facebook which leads to a single day event then leads into action steps and a coaching program. He says that process will weed out a lot of people then like the 125 will become millionaires. He further explains that 75% are wiped out and the remaining 2000 people take the action steps but never go to the next level of events which is to engage with an interview and start the desire to do coaching i.e there is 1500 gone and 500 left that have the desire to do coaching and there’s a couple of hundreds that you’ll let into the program.

Chris offers 3 pieces of advice to the 20-year-old younger version of Chris Anderson on how to become more aggressive and more powerful to get where he is more sooner.
1) – Eliminate some self-limiting beliefs and focus on what you can do while maximizing and leaning towards those things.
2) – Don’t lead off with your weakness and vulnerability.
3) – Winners play and they play very hard.

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