Alchemist Insights – 33 Years Old With 50 Apartment Units & Full-Time Job with Brandon Burns

In this interview with Brandon Burns, a 33-year-old real estate investor with 50 apartment units & a full-time job where we talk about what got him in real estate in the first place. He says that he has always had a passion for doing real estate ever since he was young and his Dad managed two marinas in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He went to mass maritime, graduated then went to offshore drilling for 7 years and saved up money and eventually left, went, and worked at a nuclear power plant. He decided to buy his first rental property while working there [Nuclear Power Plant], then he was like I’ll buy another one then he bought it. He said to himself that if he’s doing this [real estate investing] then he can see if someone can benefit from his service hence he started property management. He continues to narrate that things started growing and he didn’t like paying real estate commissions then he opted to study for his real estate license then he got it.

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I ask Brandon how does he manage all his real estate activity on top of what he is doing [full-time job]. He says that he is really blessed with his job and even doesn’t know how to describe it with the way Covid19 is treating people. Brandon advises that one should get a job that is recession-proof, something that you’re not killing yourself at, and something that you aren’t miserable about then one should stay at that job.

I further ask Brandon what keeps him motivated, keeps him building this wealth and going for it. Basically, what is that driving factor? He says that when he has tenure, still at his job, he can retire comfortably and still enjoy the same life then it will be worth it. If 10 years from now health care and the rest can be taken care of, travel places around the country and the world that is what keeps him motivated that working hard now isn’t a permanent thing.

We also talk about what could someone send Brandon for business if someone was looking to invest with you as a property manager or a real estate agent. He says both ways i.e real estate agent and a property manager in that he wants to find that landlord that is kinda squeamish. They don’t want to be a landlord though they want to say that they own units.

Brandon offers advice to varying younger versions of himself on how to be successful.
1) – For 16/18-year-old Brandon: Take it in stride.
2) – For 22-year-old Brandon starting out on real estate investing: Don’t buy that single but buy a multi-family house.
3) – For a 29-year-old Brandon: Be critical and hard on yourself and take off some time to enjoy yourself.

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