Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Bill Roberts on What to do If You Flip Homes During Covid-19

In this interview with Bill Roberts, we discuss what to be done if you flip homes during the pandemic. He says as humans we require certainty and one of the things we can’t have as humans is a certainty and we don’t know where we’re headed though he thinks that this is just a bump in the road and prays it’s that.

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He also says that we’re going to see more people losing their net worth and industry because of the pandemic. He says that banks are still in forbearance and even did a zoom call the previous night with Pat Cooley about it [forbearance]. He says that banks are giving people forbearance and think that people are going to deal with this within 3 months and they believe forbearance is going to roll at the end of their mortgage but in real life, it may be at the 4th month.

He says he always wants a win-win situation and if they can make it a win for the buyer if they haven’t gone foreclosure. If they’re not buying from the bank, that also a different story. You are buying from the public where you sent out direct mail, you are reaching and contacting them, finding the real problem and how you solved that problem is what they do. He says that his aunt once told him that they were vultures which he thought about for a second and he replied to her that indeed they were vultures that clean up the mess on the side of the road, make it nice and put it back on the tax ball.

Bill offers 3 pieces of advice to younger Bill of 20 years old on how to propel and build wealth faster.
1) – Find a mentor and a coach.
2) – Give, Give, Give
3) – Read books

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