Alchemist Insights Interview with Joshua Polvo Amarelo – Amp Academy Owner and Author

In this interview with Joshua Polvo Amarelo the owner of Amp Academy, I ask Joshua what he has been up to. He says that the coronavirus has made him take a whole new path instead of conducting classes in school, he’s conducting them online and in his an apartment. He says that he has just finished writing his book called Empowering Children for Success.

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He says the pandemic is really tough for everybody because, in the case of social distancing for him being an extrovert, he gets his energy by being around people. Joshua says that the goal of Amp Academy is to get like-minded people together. He tells me that at Amp Academy is for anyone who wants to learn something new and do cool things. They teach people how to be awesome which is basically their slogan.

He says that every time you learn something you’re creating a possibility, you’re adding another piece to the stack which allows you to branch off to other areas, so the more we learn, the more we can learn, the more we can figure out, the more we can discover, the more we can create because we know more hence knowledge is everything.

I further ask Joshua, what is the title of the book, what is it all about, and when should it be expected to be released. He says that the title of the book is Empowering Children for Sucess: A Guide for Coaches, Teachers, Mentors, and Parents. The book is basically how to teach children a positive growth mindset. The book is teaching all these different genres of people, all these different fields on how to work with kids to build them to be the best most successful people they can be. The book was released on 04/11th/2020 on Amazon.

Joshua offers 3 pieces of advice a younger version of himself if he was to go back 15 years in order to be successful.
1) – Don’t turn away from failure
2) – Don’t give up because something is scary
3) – Push yourself to do something you’re uncomfortable doing hence get out of the comfort zone.

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