#90 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast – Alternative Healing With Misty Kosciusko

Misty Koscuisko - Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast

In this episode of the Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast, I talk to Misty Kosciusko who is a medical practitioner previously a chiropractor and I basically wanted to know what made Misty shift to where she is right now. She says that she is a certified functional medicine practitioner, she board-certified chiropractic physician and she is learning to be a clinical nutritionist. She explains the reason why she got into functional medicine was through her health struggles. She was in her own new horizon chiropractic and wellness in Rhode Island where she and Ken were going to know the events like crazy and get into the community, helping, and then all of a sudden, she had her first daughter and her health went downhill very fast and after having her second daughter she struggled to keep with her practice alive. She was in such horrible shape and when she went back to work after C-section like 4 – 6 weeks to keep the practice alive and she loves practicing where she has always had a big interest in natural health care for some of the stuff she has struggled with. She narrates how she lost her father when she was 14 years, so she watched what that health care model did in that setting, how it worked, and how they reacted to him as if it was lab work and numbers on a sheet vs a human being and looking at history. She says that it took them a while to find out what was really going on with her father and they found out 3 days before he passed away which was her initial reason for starting the journey.

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I ask Misty what causes huge amounts of depression even though good things are coming. She says that is a multitude of things involved and this is something she had to teach her husband Ken because he has a back end of different health issues too. He has had a lot of car accidents, a lot of migraines and because of this she had to teach him that investments don’t just go with money, they go with your own health and body. Like some of the stuff that I teach is all about health, wealth, and happiness as well, you have to put back in the health piggy bank and this is something that she teaches in functional medicine where you’re investing in your body and future by doing things now. She has had patients with depression from mold toxicity in the house, it can be from trauma, it can be from health issues and usually, there is a multi-level and right now the answers for those issues are antidepressants, go exercise, do PT and it can also be from vitamin deficiencies.

I further ask Misty about the easiest ways one can recognize that things are not right and the mental symptoms are something physical. She says that one of them is habit change, where are you going with your day-to-day, how are you waking up, what are you eating, lack of joy within certain things, fatigue. It is important to understand that Chronic stress can happen over time wherein the burnout process and is very important for real estate investors where you’re trying to get your business off the ground. This is something that she struggled with horribly, burnout, chronic stress, and adrenal issues for people that are trying to get a business going, do things the hard way, and kind of push through. The stress of trying to do everything yourself and trying to do it perfectly the way you think it should be not getting help until it is deemed perfect, so it is safe to move forward instead of taking in imperfect action throughout the way.

I also Misty where does she herself going in the next 3 years because corona has changed a lot of everything. She says that she sees a lot of emotional growth within the world in areas of contracture, a lot of scarcity being brought through, some of the psychology, and some areas of the brain that you operate out of fear. In her own opinion, she sees more scarcity in some areas but if you can lean into growth and creativity, you can get out of this in a collective better as a unit.

Misty offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Misty on how to create habits and have the information that can move her forward.
1) – Trust and love yourself
2) – Keep being you.
3) – Step out of toxic situations earlier, you deserve better.

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