#82 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Quantum and Meta-Physicist, Business Coach Lilly Wang.

Lilly Wang - Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast

In this Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast, I talk with Lilly Wang who is a meta physicist and quantum physicist and I ideally want to know what drove her to become a coach, and what made her say this is something she wanted to do. She appreciates me for having her on the podcast and she says that she got into coaching pretty earlier where she has always been in the mentorship, consulting, coaching capacity. As I know and for the Alchemist Nation Podcast listeners, she has worked abroad and internationally, so it has been something she has been drawn to doing. She further talks about the things she did abroad where she worked in Cambodia where the Cambodian government was her client at the time. They were looking at how they could fix the situation so that more women could access the education they need. They were like how could they help especially women in the rural climate and landscape so that they could get the economic, educational health care tools they need to live better lives.

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I ask Lilly what made her pull out of the medical industry and go back to her natural self. She says that she decided to do a master’s degree in medicine because she is a former consultant in Cambodia, Nepal, Switzerland at the world health organization, she felt her impact as one person in the rural rice paddies of Cambodia where she felt like she did a great job though it wasn’t that sufficient. This is going to resonate with your listeners and viewers if you ever have that calling to do more and when you’re a great person, everything you’re doing is great but it is not sufficient and you want to do more. She had that pull since she was young and it so happens that a lot of her consulting was in the health care developments, human rights background.

I further ask Lilly if she is encouraging people to go and get a corporate job and work that corporate job because it will benefit them structure-wise in the way that they can learn things and see how systems are put in place since it has had an effect on her and improved her down the road. She says that people must appreciate not having the corporate job and her answer would be to let us not conform. The popular discourse right now on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram is don’t go to school and the entrepreneur is the winner but that is a switch paradigm, all that is another way of conforming versus what was conformity for 40 50 years which was go to school, get a college degree, get a job and be set. So to specifically answer my question, she thinks that there are huge benefits to working for somebody else, not only can you initially get to work but also trains your responsibility. The number of times she has heard entrepreneurs struggle to wake up in the morning, to get up when rejected is unparalleled, and for them in her province, Alberta, Canada, they have 14 years as the minimum working age. She says she worked at McDonald’s, Burger King, The Gap and these are not high ranking jobs to put on her resume. She further says that you must have these experiences where you’re not the winner yet but a winner inside with an added benefit of being an observer to your boss, manager supervisor on how they are running things.

Lilly talks about her mission in the next 3 -5 years and what she looks to accomplish. She says her mission is to help as many people as possible to really unlock their potential. Most people want something, they just stopped believing that they should go for it which is the same mission of getting to know as many people and helping them towards where they want to go.

I ask Lilly why is she teaching people now how to make money since she was in health and human rights fields that weren’t monetary. She says that money is like anything else, it is a form of energy and there was a time she worked in Nepal though the project wasn’t high on the money. However, if anybody has been to the industries she has mentioned, she got the success that she traded in her energy and authenticity and to her commitment to anything she did, she always did it with integrity and commitment, she got success to it. This is exactly the same thing with money, what people don’t yet understand and should start understanding this when they work together is, when you clear on your integrity, how do you commit to growing your business which is the trade for the other thing which is money.

Lilly offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Lilly on how to be successful.
1) – Forget about the haters, you’re a kind person, keep effing and going, their life is up to them.
2) – Find mentors and coaches.
3) – Everybody gets challenges, so create that structure and system of getting over the hurdles quicker.

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