#81 Alchemist Nation Podcast With Martial Artist Turned Real Estate Investor Fred Posimo

Fred Posimo - Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast

In this Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast/Interview with Fred Posimo, he talks about how he got into real estate in the first place, the beautiful asset class. He says that his story dates back to when he was 7 years old and when he was 7 years old, he started taking martial arts lessons, so he was taking Karate as a kid and so he loved it. The older he grew, then he realized that Karate classes or at least the school he was at were more personal development classes or training where the brain shrouded inside kicks and punches. When he figured that out, he was like he was really learning personal development, self-improvement and entrepreneurship though not so much entrepreneurship but more personal growth and stuff like that and the more he got older that led him to entrepreneurship. Personal development led him to entrepreneurship and when he was 17 he took a class entitled entrepreneurship and at that time he didn’t know what the word entrepreneurship meant. He remembers his teacher writing down real estate investing on the board, and he said to himself that was genius, that he needed to do that. He read Rich Dad Poor Dad which basically validated his opinion of real estate and he was like I have to do that. He joined basically a school of real estate investing school in the community where he grew himself from there and become an asset, just went up there.

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I ask Fred what is the biggest thing that holds people back due to the school system and what are the biggest flaws in the school system. He says that a lot of people look at the school system and think like him and I think that there tons of problems with the school system. In his opinion, he says that there are only 3 problems with the entire school system. 1) the skills we’re being taught, we are taught things that can’t produce income, wealthy income as I say, or things that are really used in everyday life. If we can spend less time reading Shakespeare and reading more mortgage documents, who knows where we would be. 2) The methodology through which we’re being taught and he mentioned earlier being a Karate Instructor, another thing that happens with kinesthetic learning, learning through motion is that we remember more. The lowest level of retention is listening to lectures and reading books. 3) The third problem is for colleges which is just the financial sabotage that we have going on where the cost of a college education is astronomical and it is the worst possible debt. College loan debt is the only form of debt in America that is non-bankruptable. You can’t declare bankruptcy on a student loan, you can go bankrupt and still owe that money to the school because the government wants to keep us in debt.

He says that morning routines are big buzz is like the big buzz in the entrepreneurship world and any Youtuber that gets any credibility creates a morning routine video and he tried them all and read multiple books and all he has to do is to wake up at 4:45 am, go to the gym for 6 hours, read two and a half books and do yoga exercise for 3 days. It is the most ridiculous things you come up and this is where he asks himself the same question as I did. How am I supposed to create a life of freedom? Which is something we’re all striving towards with entrepreneurship. When he creates this massive structure in his day that from 8 am – 8:10 am, he supposed to eating eggs, from 8:10 am to 8:15 am, he supposed to be reading 4 pages of a certain book. It doesn’t make sense doing it that way and what he realized is that nothing matters with your morning routine, what matters is what you do when you wake up. His morning routine is pretty simple and straight forward which wake up, shower, eat breakfast.

I further ask Fred, apart from the fulfillment of helping people, what is that unique and fun thing that makes him money. He says that it is a very interesting question and he is thinking of so many answers but to rephrase my question a little differently if I asked him that if he could only do one thing for the rest of his life and he can make any money with it, and that could be public speaking. He thinks that’s the Why behind that Why is that he loves to see people change and he realizes that what is doing is a win-win even though it sounds like it has a selfish spin on it where he loves the fact that he can be somebody else’s catalyst moment.

Fred offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Fred on how to change his life faster, be productive, find wealth, and happiness.
1) – Build your credit faster
2) – Invest in yourself because those who invest most in themselves will have the most invested back to them
3) – Look at what you’re already doing, and do more of that.

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