#66 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast – Ryan Adkins Wholesaling In Ohio While Living In Massachusetts.

Ryan Adkins Wholesaling Ohio While Living In Massachusetts who is building his network AND his business while raising a toddler all at the same time. He narrates how he has been in the wholesale field for nine months where he is figuring things out, going through the process and apparently they do four deals a month consistently. They have five under contract and they’re ready to sell them off in the Ohio Market.

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I ask Ryan what type of properties is Columbus made of and what type of properties is he wholesaling or what properties does he prefers working on more often. He says that a lot of single-family homes though a lot of investors he is talking to are looking for multi-family like the duplex, the triplex and they’re looking for bigger units.

I also ask Ryan that what is the common inventory for multifamily, is it the threes, sixes, and the rest.
He says that the duplexes and he hasn’t seen many though he knows a good buddy of his purchased a 9 unit in Columbus and he believes that he is going to make some good money on that. He says that he is working on a deal right now that is 12 units though it is 6 duplexes all on the same strip. He says that it is about a couple of different routes you could go, you can sell a couple off, flip a couple, ran a couple just to keep the cash flow.

Ryan talks about the big thing is capital, raising private money right now which is something he is learning about right now, getting his feelers out there for the connections he has. He further says that he doesn’t have that much time involved yet and if he happens to throw it at somebody who hasn’t landed him money, they will be like what am I lending you money for. For that, he is looking to building those relationships so that he can be able to raise money in the future and he will take it down minus thinking about it.

I tell Ryan that there are a couple of wholesalers that really making waves and honestly as buy and hold investors, we are more on the bigger pockets side because buy and hold investors are like go train these guys, keep training them. We want to see more success for you and see you guys doing very well and with that, we’re building a community of wholesalers, a wholesaling mastermind that meets every Monday and Friday 5 pm – 8 pm EST. Within those 3 hrs, everyone in the group is cold calling and we have 20 – 30 mins where we pump people up and Mitch is there to ask questions and Drew Martin who is wholesaling in Florida and North Carolina and now does flips is there to take on their deals and go over his marketing strategies to the team.

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