#65 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Nick Aalerud the Man Behind The Slogan Shut Up & Do It

In this interview with Nick Aalerud the Man Behind The Slogan Shut Up & Do It, we talk about he got started in the real estate business. He says that it all started when he lost a board game called Risk: Game of Global Domination. He says that it is the monopoly of real estate investors. He turned on the TV and he saw his first infomercial called Buy Real Estate Pennies on a Dollar. He talks about putting 3 credit cards to raise money for a $6000 Bootcamp where he learned a lot of stuff though it didn’t teach him how to execute. He says that the boot camp taught him a lot of stuff including reading Rich Dad Poor Dad which help him change his way of life and thinking.

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I ask Nick if he offers coaching services or it’s only exclusive to people in the company. He replies that there are different types of coaching like The Complete Flow System which helps him to do wholesale.

I also ask Nick about the big change in his life that made him think that this is easier than he thought and made him stick to that one thing. Nick says that when all doors opened to him, he was very embarrassed and very tight lift about his start in real estate. He didn’t want people to know the credit financial challenges, the depression, and the emotional stress he had gone through. He remembers in 2009 someone suggested that he talks about it at a real estate meetup and after talking about it someone came up with compliments of loving his integrity, another wanted to invest and the other was willing to work with him. The second one is to give the person all the procedures and everything they need to better themselves. If they remember him it’s OK and if they don’t still it’s ok for Nick.

Nick offers 3 pieces of advice to his younger version of himself let’s say 20-year-old Nick.
1) – Failure is not an option, failure is necessary.
2) – You have to let go and make room for more and grow.
3) – Shut Up & Do It.

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