#63 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast – Manny Lopez Delivers Systems To Automate Marketing

In this interview with Manny Lopez, we discuss how he got started with teaching, training, coaching, speaking, and motivating people with their stress and move into a place with abundance. He says that he started way back in 2007 where it had really pivoted for him and had joined a company, his son was just born and he had to stop juggling some sales jobs. So he started putting his roots into a company and started thinking about moving up the corporate ladder. When he joined the company, someone heard him talking about him wanting to become a manager, manage a team. Fortunately, that someone tells him that’s his specialties and he promised to mentor him. At the time Manny didn’t have a clue about being a mentor meant. Going forward, his mentor instilled in him those concepts like being too blessed to be stressed, live to inspire, capture the leaders, capture the market. Basically, he [his mentor] taught him what it takes to have a mentor, understand entrepreneurship, and build his own business.

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I ask Manny what is his opinion on branding since it is hard to quantify. He says that it all depends on the actions you’re taking with that branding. He further elaborates that if you think someone is going to find you just because you spent $ 10K on a website. That doesn’t work and never will it work because you’re not bringing people to it and you have never talked about it, and haven’t given out the do it yourself version in exchange for data. He says that branding is all about telling people your story in a digital format.

I further ask how did find out the data was an important aspect of branding. He says that it was through a pattern where he explains to me a case study that he did in 2016 that flipped a switch in everything that he was doing marketing-wise. He gave a case in point that most people in real estate are using these 3 methods in branding which is their website, social media, and an email list to promote their businesses and opportunities. He says that if you’re using one of the three methods, you are wasting at least 80% bare minimum of your efforts. From that time, he started to focus on mobile where he came across a quote that says that text offers are redeemed 8X more than email offers. So if he had 10,000 phone numbers instead of 10,000 contacts of the email lists, he would have 8X more results, 8X more people showing up to events, 8X more people applying to his programs, 8X more appointments on his calendars, 8X more people to my listings for a real estate investor.

Manny talks about the very first system of his he put in place to change his life. He says back in the day he was using Aweber and Wix then went into apps and in 2012 he came across a stat that says by 2014 half of the internet will be coming through the mobile devices. So he was promoting the application on a Facebook page which was only to run and visible on a desktop and seen on Facebook and if he hadn’t done something, his business was going to go obsolete hence he looked into application development. With that, he did some little research, and now they’re pioneers of progressive web applications where it is really the ability to take your website, your social media, your gamification to get the functionality of the apps without going to the app store.

I also ask Manny where is his future, what does he look to build and where does he see himself in the next 5 years from now. He says that he’s building a concept called from orphan to CEO meaning 2/3 children that turn 18 from foster care end up dead, homeless and in prison. His focus right now is to reverse the statistics by seeing 2/3 of these kids having a mentor, understand entrepreneurship and own their own businesses and that is why he created Mannyfestation School of Business and it is free of charge which rewards you for showing up at school.

Manny offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Manny on how to start up and succeed.
1) – Mentorship
2) – Entrepreneurship
3) – Faith

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