#61 – Alchemist Nation Real Estate Interview with Real Estate Entrepreneur Justin Dion Fresh from College.

In this interview with Justin Dion, a fresh college graduate, we talk about what made him got involved in real estate immediately after finishing college. He actually says that he got in real estate while he was at college, meaning that he has always been in the realm for his whole life, working in construction, being also a foreman for a little while for a flipper, did painting, landing scaping everything involved in real estate.

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While at college, he did property management as an internship, and one day while seated with his broker, he told him to get fully involved in real estate because he had a license. He says that his father is a broker, mum is an agent and his grandfather was a broker which kind of runs in the blood.

He knew that he was going to do get involved in it though he wasn’t involved not until one of his teachers introduced him to his broker who is his broker today. This introduction, this made him get the ball rolling in terms of helping people to buy and sell, and now he is trying to help himself buy.

I ask Justin how big is their marketing and how far are they going on. He says that they’re kind of keeping it a niche right now and specialize in doing one thing really good then move on. They’re primarily doing cold calling as a source of primarily getting hold of their leads. He explains how they get those leads through multiple different ways by generating lists of prop stream, tax delinquent lists, the whole nine and they are kind of testing the market right now to see what lists and leads are the best and how to find them. He says that it is the process of it all and once they have perfected it, they will move on to find the best way of contacting them whether through a postcard, door knocking, texting, or ringless voicemails though they’re trying the best they can to perfect the niche.

Justin requests me to tell him a little bit in terms of what our volume is, what is it that we are buying and what we are trying to accomplish. I tell him that we are basically threes and sixes just because there is a prevalence which is the same thing seen in Worcester, you will see five thousand three families in Worcester, three thousand three families in New Bedford and Florida. That was one of the main reasons they picked that market because of the prevalence of three families the same as six families.

Justin says that the real investors are still there in times of the pandemic/COVID-19 and they haven’t left anywhere. He says that I have kind of weeded out who is really here and who isn’t. He further says that the fake wholesalers left and he could have left too though they started out in this time which is the best time and the main thing is supply and demand. The real buyers are still here and people like regular residential buyers are still here, so if you’re flipping a house and the people that want to buy it are still out there. He says that they still have limited inventory as they always did even less now because no one wants to put their house on the market because they don’t want people coming into their house.

I further ask Justin what is the easiest way someone can contact him if he/she needs to be added to his buyer’s list because I don’t want to be greedy on all his deals. He says that he can do a one on one deals like joint ventures, he is very open to collaboration with anybody because right now he is doing a short sale deal with a short sale specialist even though he has never done one before. To get on Justin’s buyer’s list, email him on justindionre@gmail.com.

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To get in touch with Justin Dion, email justindionre@gmail.com

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