#52 – Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast With Brant Phillips Author Of The Private Lender Playbook

In this interview with Brant Phillips, we discuss how he got into the real estate business. He tells me that he was broke and secondly, the main thing that drew him to real estate wasn’t the money as most people think but he hated his corporate job and couldn’t stand it and he recalls his first day in corporate America where he was previously 7 years in law enforcement which really has a negative stigma but he didn’t play politics while he was a law enforcement officer. He remembers his wife asking him, how was his first day at a corporate job and he replied to her after processing the question that he hates the job. He added to the response that he’s not going to quit but find something else to do. He says that it took him like two years to kind of figure out what could work best for him. He narrates how he was very fortunate about learning real estate and reading about Rich Dad Poor Dad and other related stuff hence the rest is history.

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Related to the conversation above, I ask Brant what was his first deal, what did it look like, and what are the things that were going through his head as he did it. He told himself that he was going to do one thing and there was a very influential networking group which they focused on rental property passive income single house and multifamily. So he focused on single-family houses then he told his wife that he was going to buy 10 rental properties that year and that is how he basically got into real estate. He says that his first real estate deal was a whole seller where he met a local wholesaler and they ended up buying 50 – 60 houses from the sky over the years. It was a single-family property where he used one of the credit card checks on the deal and his first rehab went well because he did all right things meaning that the turnkey general contractor vetted them out and he was able to do 10 deals in his first year of real estate.

With regards to the book Private Lender Playbook, I ask Brant how he came up with the book because it feels like an Encylopedia of exactly what you can do to make either someone feel comfortable or make sure you’re doing the deal the right way so that you’re not in any way disadvantaged from the financing deals. What really made him decide to teach on this matter hence write a book. He says that 8 – 9 years ago a friend of his invited him to a 2 day Bootcamp and told his friend that nobody would ever want to listen to me then they did the Bootcamp and he felt more comfortable on stage. He made a little money from it and continued to speak at small events and he kind of enjoyed it. From this, it is where he got the idea of writing a book called how to flip a house and part of it was shrouded because he was kind of busy which took him 3 years to get it published. He says that he is a big lead value guy and him knowing that’s his avatar was from a private lender and the biggest thing is fear, fear of investing in something they don’t understand, investing in someone they don’t know and how is it going to work and with all these questions he came up with a book explaining and educating people because the more people are educated and understand something fear subsides and trust increases.

Brant agrees 100% of going to mobile home parks and creating communities where it is all about the lifestyle and less about the size of the house you live in, just have a house you can live in and shower and use the world as your playground. There are low-income people, whether the economy is doing great or not, and to him, they shouldn’t live like in a third world country in yet it is the United States, so let’s give them clean, functional, safe, affordable housing.

Brant offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Brant on how to improve his life.
1) – First Things First: Health and Relationships are more important than money.
2) – Having clarity and focus.
3) – Teach and lead from where you’re at.

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