#51 – Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast – Chris Anderson On How To Choose a Right Coach For Your Goals

Choosing a coach can be a very personal experience and at the same time, it is also in many cases the most important part of your business growth. Many people are great coaches but are coaching the wrong people and we get to the bottom of what it takes to be a great coach and more importantly for YOU to be able to recognize the RIGHT coach for YOU. In this interview, I ask Chris how does his coaching program, how much does he charge for it, and what type of people will be funneling his way. He says that he likes the idea of fulfillment and that’s the part he really enjoys though he isn’t good at creating a funnel and driving people to the business. He further states that he loves doing training and coaching and has two coaching programs. A bi-monthly program that is not educationally based though it is coaching which he charges $ 200 for a month consisting of like 5 people on a call. The second program is for $ 4000 for 3 months/13 weeks which are weekly one on one calls plus $ 200 a month where you get one on one coaching and group coaching. This one is for people who are ready to take action and start a business not people that aren’t sure.

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Chris talks about challenging things said by people being true and if someone can’t give him a real why and it boils down to “I saw it on the internet or read it from a blog post”, then he’s out of it and he needs factual data behind it. He loves the fact of buying where you live because of a simple fact of it is what you want is a property that meets your target rate of return as expensive as you can get, the highest-priced property you can get that meets your target rate of return. He further elaborates that if a property in South Carolina’s cash flow is 20% cash on cash return and property in New Jersey’s cash flow is 20% cash on cash return which is the same rate of return no matter where you bought it. However, in New Jersey are more likely to achieve a greater rate of appreciation, you get a greater level of debt service out of that property, and in the end, you’re likely to have more equity, much wealth built in that same property. The best thing in real estate is leverage, the more leverage you can get, the better off you’re.

He says that the internet is full of coaches that have never done what they talk about or never been really successful with what they talk about. So, that is the part where he is not really bashful about the part where he makes money. He narrates to me that like 6 months ago, he had a guy on a ride-along where he spent a day with Chris where they were showing property they were wholesaling. He showed them to a couple of investors both properties in the same town. They sold the investor both properties, sold the contract to renovate both properties, then brokered the money they were borrowing to finance both properties then they went for lunch. So this guy that went for a ride on asked Chris how he makes money then Chris replied that you just saw me crack the eggs and it was up to him to put it together for himself. So the guy signed up for the coaching program where he has been on for 6 months and he has just put his first property under contract.

With regards to the coaching, he does multiple calls because of small groups, so they have a Saturday morning, Friday evening depending on where the groups are. Right now he has been generous with his time because, in his business, he doesn’t have a lot to do. So he either chooses to hang around or help people on how to be successful in real estate.

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To listen to Chris Anderson’s Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast on Anchor: #51 Chris Anderson On How To Choose The Right Coach For Your Goals

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