#39 – Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Dug McGuirk from Freedom Hack U

In this interview with Dug McGuirk of Freedom Hack U, we discuss what Dug has been up to. He says he’s been pivoting and for some people they needed a shakeup in the pandemic in which their brain makes them work more efficiently. He’s happy about the pandemic in the sense that it is challenging in the way that it has helped people to think differently, to behave more differently, to be more creative, and that’s where the mother of the invention starts to create awesome opportunities.

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Dug talks about his giver game that isn’t a mafia-like when he has to give in order to expect something in return. He expects nothing in return because his attitude is like if he’s constantly sharing resources and being open, other resources can come and still make a connection. He says that he’s not looking specifically for something from someone but by giving his hands are open to receive.

Dug talks about the 3 addictions of entrepreneurs that include Sugar, Heroine, and the salary. He says he’s only addicted to the salary where he talks of a gig he got in the treatment centre where all his needs were met because he was having a huge impact. He further explains the psychology behind it that He’d have a captive audience and was able to build a brand because it was a niche. The challenge he found with his niche was they got clients with insurance and their mindsets were like people trying to get help which was covered up with insurance. Most people that ended up at a treatment centre had lost everything and when they were discharged they needed help on how to get back on their feet which made them get incredible value and psych remuneration because of the huge impact on people’s lives hence new opportunities like partnerships.

He also talks about investing in yourself with reference to working workout where the 10th rep is where you get growth. He says as humans we are conditioned not to go through that discomfort and our brains neurologically speaking our brains are wired for non-pain. Our pain sensors outnumber our pleasure sensors by 10 to 1, so we’re wired to avoid all pain whether emotional discomfort. Yet we still settle for stress and anxiety because we think that the stress and anxiety of challenging ourselves are worse than the stress of killing ourselves with butter knives.

Dug offers 3 pieces of advice to 20 years old younger Dug
1) – Just do it like Nike.
2) – You’re bigger than any problem you could face.
3) – Fail while moving forward.

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