#37 – Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Julie Cotton – Creator of Improv Against Normality

In this interview with Julie Cotton, the game creator of Improv Against Normality. We talk about how Julie came up with the board game or card game. She says that it was during meditation that she asked herself this question of how she would scale and share Improv with more people since she was only one person. She further says that this came out like a download in meditation and got out of it [meditation] then started filling out Excel Sheets with content cards and ideas.

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I further ask her how she went on writing it down on a piece of paper to actually producing an actual board game. She says that the initial ideation of the game was more like a pursuit trivial card where it had all the things on the same card which was a bit complicated and convoluted. When she presented it to her mastermind group and everyone in the group was like one thing on the card and now she has multiple iterations of future decks ready to go because of different content cards she has.

I further ask Julie what a 30 city tour look by road looks like because I’m planning to do something similar in real estate and planning to talk to all national investors associations. She says that she’s highly connected in most cities in the US which she advises me to do. She contacted her friends in the various cities to help her with the market testing of the game whether it worked, people’s feedback, who would love to have a game party with her. She gave them instructions minus teaching them how to play it.

Julie talks about finding the right audience. For her, its organically, like meditation because doesn’t go in search of things. To her its like a prayer she prays and asks for where she should go, what she should do, and to whom. For example when she does emcee for the first time and gets more emcee gigs to other events. In doing so she will be learning, be getting paid, and also securing more gigs.

Julie offers 3 pieces of advice to a younger version of herself if she’s to go back to her early 20’s
1) – Don’t care about what other people think about you.
2) – Be kinder to yourself.
3) – Play more and have fun.

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To listen to Julie Cotton’s Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast on Anchor: #37 Julie Cotton – Creator of Improv Against Normality

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