#100 With Rod Khleif Delivers The Mindset behind Creating Multi-Generational Wealth & Freedom

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This interview has to be the most powerful of 2020 and we went deep into the mindset of success today! Rod Khleif is a master of syndication who has given us a few minutes of his time today. Rod commends me for having him on the 100th episode of the Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast though he is at the 500th and hopes that he can add value to our listeners. I tell him that he isn’t in thrive money but he is talking about the significance, he is at the point of giving back and contributing at that level where there are not many people at that level. He tells me that that is not called significance because he has a negative connotation of significance in that he feels like people need to be significant are the ones pounding their chests and he was there where he had all the trappings, all the toys, the exotic cars, and all that stuff which is called significance. He more right now about gratitude and contribution because he loves it a lot. He says that 80% – 90% of your success in anything is just the mindset, it is not the mechanical information, the real estate stuff they talk about, the technical side of that ad nauseam.

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Rod talks about how he got started in real estate where he immigrated to the US when he was 6 years old and he ended up in Denver, Colorado, born in the Netherlands where they wear wooden shoes and have windmills. He wore clothes from the goodwill and the salvation army all the way through junior high school till when he could lie about his age at burger king when he was 14 years old, flipped hamburgers, and bought his own clothes, bought his own car when he was 15 years where he wasn’t old enough to drive it, so he put it in his mother’s name. They struggled growing up but he knew that he wanted more, luckily his mom had an incredible work ethic where she babysat kids, so they didn’t have enough money to eat with the money from babysitting. His mom bought a house across the street and told him two years later that he had made $ 20K on it and he was like to hell with college, he was going to do real estate. Fast forward now, he has had a couple thousand houses, some apartment complexes made a lot of money, and lost a lot of money.

I wanted to know are Rod’s big goals because I believe sharing them is what attracts them to him. Rod has the confidence, the courage to do them. I ask him what he looks to create for himself and in the world in the 2020s. He says that they are kind of big goals and he doesn’t know if he really wants to share them. He told us that this one is an altruistic one where he wants to build schools that are self-sustaining in the third world, particularly in Latin America. He was supposed to go to Africa but there is a lot of graft, too many tribal lords stealing money. He wants to go to Latin America and build schools where they have their own economic infrastructure or support system, maybe buy enough land where they can have an agricultural component or an IT center where they can do anything related to IT like social media where they’re learning stuff at the same time supporting school but also supporting the community.

I asked Ron a personal question that is related to my mission of building 100 millionaires through real estate. What is the highest leverage tool for doing that? He says that to do that in one year is pretty aggressive, he loves the fact that I have that aggressive goal and he says that you shoot for stars if you only hit the moon where he quotes Elon Musk “Why don’t you do what you plan to do in 10 years in 6 months but if you don’t hit it, you’re still massively kicking ass.

I further asked Ron what took him so long the getting property management in-house. He says that if he could still use other people, he could do so though it slows them down. They weren’t getting the level of management they needed on their own assets and they have got a duty to their investors. When they do it in-house they have more controls and their KPIs will be standardized and be able to measure more effectively and therefore build a culture.

Rod offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Rod on how to move forward faster and better.
1) – Give back right now to happily achieve instead of achieving to be happy.
2) – Give yourself a little bit of a break.
3) – Go bigger faster

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