Signs Of The New Recession

The Greatest Economic Minds Are Calling For A Recession

We’ve all known this was coming and it seems like the American #Sheeple are just too excited about their being able to buy a PS5 and toilet paper with the money the government has been printing and sending them that they haven’t noticed that absolute destruction of the dollar they are completely addicted to.

What Is Peter Schiff Saying?

In a recent tweet by the famous economist Peter Schiff he writes, “Americans are about to experience an unprecedented decline in their standard of living. Reckless monetary policy and the growth of government created a phony economy that depends on cheap imports and an over-valued dollar to survive. This entire house of cards will soon collapse.”

Many believe that #Bitcoin may be the harbinger of a new era where we no longer have to suffer at the hands of governments decreasing the value of our currencies in arbitrary ways. Rich Rogers stated in a comment, “Government leaders tax our earnings & our homes while diluting our portfolios. And, banks spend every waking moment dreaming up new ways to siphon off our savings. Bitcoin is the only path forward.”

In another Tweet by Schiff he points out that, “Both the U.S. dollar and Treasuries are selling off as commodity prices surge. As a weak dollar pushes commodity prices higher and bond prices lower, the Fed will print even more dollars to buy bonds to keep interest rates from rising. This will send U.S. consumer prices soaring.”

Debt Might Be The Only Way To Maximize In This Mess But It Comes With A Risk

As an investor in real estate, crypto and stocks I can’t deny that every part of my portfolio seems to be on the rise except for that small amount of cash I hold onto more acquisitions. Even the debt I have taken out on my portfolio seems to be shrinking compared to the values of the assets it has helped me purchase!

I want to hear what other investors are doing to prepare for the coming recession. Do you believe there will be one or am I just being a pessimist (which is not in my nature).

Let’s keep this Real Estate community growing! I see so much potential coming in the next few months! Even Crypto investors might be able to buy real estate with these coins if things stay on this track!

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